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Atul Nagpal, Managing Director, Komet India

Image: Komet

Metal Cutting “Focus on enhancing production efficiency”

Oct 3, 2017

Atul Nagpal, Managing Director, Komet India, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, discusses their company’s latest technological developments and the upcoming trends in this sector. Excerpts…

Can you highlight the latest trends and developments in the cutting tools segment in India and globally?

Digitisation is the latest buzzword in manufacturing and the digital productivity solutions by Komet are amongst the first in machining solution offerings. Komet Brinkhaus Toolscope system is a solution designed to support machining industry. It works live with the machines and can help to reduce & recognise tool breakages, faulty processes, scrap reduction, live feedback with process visualisation, automatic feed control, etc. The Komet Brinkhaus assistance machining system also helps the manufacturing industries to become more successful and increase their competitive edge by enhancing production efficiency with substantial cost reductions.

Komet MicroKom BluFlex – the second generation solution is also in sync with the digitisation concept. MicroKom BluFlex precision drilling system has high levels of precision and simple handling as well as a particularly high-contrast OLED display. This also includes a Bluetooth low-energy interface, which makes it possible to transmit all data to a smartphone. Users can view the BluFlex display on their smartphone using the MicroKom BluFlex 2 app.

In recent years, there is a trend of making cutting tools using metal 3D printing. Can you highlight examples of this trend from your company?

With the revolution in metal 3D printing technology, Komet has developed cutting tools to improve productivity in leaps for both standard and special PCD milling cutters.

The Komet 3D printed tools are designed with more cutting edges and an HPC-optimised cutting edge geometry to produce geometries that would otherwise be impossible by conventional means and has the advantage of increasing tool productivity and achieving a feed rate that is up to 50% higher.

Our latest products using 3D printing technology are the KOMET JEL® HPC PCD face-milling cutter, which is a monoblock tool with extremely short delivery time and the KOMET JEL® PCD drilling tool, which is a brand new drilling tool with 3D-printed inserts in the chip flutes.

Requirements in machining are changing at a rapid pace. What are the latest offerings from your company to achieve quantum leaps in productivity?

The Komet Group has responded quickly to the changes in requirements in machining and will increase its focus on customer needs with the establishment of three new business units. They will focus on project specific developments, digital products—Tool Scope assistance system and efficient standard precision tools. We also offer a full range of drilling, turning, milling and threading tools, which are equipped with PCD (polycrystalline diamond), CVD-D (thick-layer diamond), CBN (cubic boron nitride) and NCD (nanocrystal line diamond) as soldered-on elements or as a coating and ensure efficient machining.

Given that the manufacturing industry is moving towards Industry 4.0, what are your company’s latest developments aligning to this trend?

Komet Brinkhaus supplies tailor-made solutions of assistance machining systems. The team supports the development of Industry 4.0 by providing data as well as filter mechanism and applications to achieve the targets of a smart factory. It is primarily used for monitoring machining processes such as milling, turning, reaming, drilling, grinding, etc.

Our assistance machining Industry 4.0 system—Toolscope is a self-learning and self-adjusting automatic system which offers complete functionality of process visualisation and management. This system communicates with the machines to tell it exactly what machines should do in each process with each tool.

Going forward, what would be your future plans and strategies for the Indian market?

India is a developing country and is constantly growing. Further, there will be a focus on the growth agenda in an emerging economy like ours. It is obvious that the manufacturing industry will influence for building modern digital ecosystem.

Our company has started its manufacturing in the direction of emerging technologies such as 3D printing, light-weight construction materials, mechatronic tools and Brinkhaus Toolscope Industry 4.0 smart factory.

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