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Kiran Nataraj



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DIGITALISATION First step of digitisation is to make sure things are interconnected

Jan 22, 2020

…mentions Kiran Nataraj, CEO, ShopWorx, in his interaction with Anvita Pillai. He divulges into the details of the ShopWorx software, how it helps in improving shop floor visibility & OEE and their mission for the future. Excerpts…

What was the idea behind starting ShopWorx? What have been some of the biggest challenges you have come across pertaining to Indian manufacturing industry?

With the advent of cloud technologies and the advancement of IoT, today’s workforce can achieve better productivity and work more efficiently with real-time access to data anywhere and anytime. While we were trialling this concept on the shop floor – we realised that the problem of ‘visibility’ into production, process, operational losses or even status of machines was not addressed in the right manner. This was the genesis behind launching ShopWorx. One of the key challenges – with respect to Indian manufacturing industry is that – basic IT (like networking) hasn’t reached the shop floor in a proper manner. The very first step of digitisation is to make sure things are interconnected on a shop floor, and a lot of companies have only now begun to understand the importance of investing in this.

Manufacturing shop floor face incessant issues of inaccurate information, lack of visibility, delayed data, improper utilisation machines, etc. How does ShopWorx help in increasing shop floor visibility and improve production?

ShopWorx is a suite of smart factory applications that helps you predict, monitor and analyse the production and machine efficiency to increase the output quality and the overall plant performance while zeroing down the paperwork at a manufacturing shop floor. It provides real-time data communications with systems and intelligent software applications, deployed at the manufacturing plants acting as a virtual assistant. These virtual assistants trigger real-time alarms and warnings of downtimes for immediate corrective actions and to maintain productivity targets. The solution provides user specific separate dashboard views for business owners, plant heads, supervisors and operators, helping them visualise KPIs providing insights into improving productivity on the shop floor.

Increasing a plant’s OEE is a difficult yet crucial task for manufacturing industries. What are the technologies offered by ShopWorx to help with this agenda of industries and how does it function?

ShopWorx relies heavily on what we call as Edge Stream Analytics – that helps in analysing data across various types of machines on a shop floor, in a consistent manner. This helps in calculating OEE to more accurate and standardised level. An offshoot of this technology is also the ability to push calculations related to efficiency out to dashboards and other devices real fast – enabling decision making and response to issues to happen faster. This also allows figuring out production bottlenecks – right down to tracking even operator delay (which typically is hard to track). It combined with predictive services (for maintenance and quality) and interactive apps that help manage the shop floor, form the basis for increasing OEE.

Can you tell us about some of your biggest achievements/milestones of the past year?

The biggest achievement for us is that we are the largest self-grown start-up in India playing in this space, in terms of revenue, and we have marquee brands associated with us such as Hero, Sundaram, Bajaj, Prince, Manjushree, Carrier, Kangaro, etc. We have been successfully deployed at 100+ locations, enabling 2500+ smart machines and monitoring over eight billion products. One of the major milestones reached is, ShopWorx is proudly being used in India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. We have even signed up joint ventures in China and Thailand.

What is the ultimate mission that you are trying to serve with ShopWorx and what are your goals for 2020?

The ultimate mission is to get ShopWorx in the hands of all small and medium component manufacturers across India and South East Asia. We feel that these companies will be the biggest effective users of ShopWorx. For 2020, our goal is to launch ShopWorx as a service to this segment.

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