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Karnataka Engineering Enterprises (Karnataka Engineering) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers and blowers for the electrical industry in India

Manufacturing IT Exploring centralised enterprise data management solutions

Sep 20, 2018

Manufacturing enterprises today are looking to facilitate production efficiency and ensure data security by establishing data commonisation and re-use, digitising knowledge and IP while saving on cost and time. This case study highlights how adopting a centralised enterprise data management solution can help overcome these challenges.

Karnataka Engineering Enterprises (Karnataka Engineering) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers and blowers for the electrical industry in India. The company has established a reputation of excellence in quality among the most respected Indian and foreign manufacturers of generators and electrical motors. Over the last 40 years, some of the most prominent electrical manufacturing brands have chosen Karnataka Engineering to fulfill their heat exchanger requirements. The company’s four manufacturing units are International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9001 certified and are also United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited.

This company manufactures a range of products, such as, closed air circuit water (CACW) and closed air circuit air (CACA) heat exchangers, electrical machine coolers, intercoolers and aftercoolers, oil coolers, thermic heaters and shell and tube heat exchangers. The company also provides heavy fabrication services for transformer tanks, stator frames, motor bodies, shot blasting and Rilsan® coating. Further, it manufactures a variety of fans and blowers, such as, centrifugal fans and blowers, axial fans and force cooling units. The company has developed ultra-modern infrastructure for engineering, finning, manufacturing and testing of heat exchanger products to serve their electrical manufacturing customers in India and overseas.

Robust data management

In becoming a partner of choice for many electrical manufacturing brands, Karnataka Engineering faced many data management challenges. Earlier, the company used traditional methods of data management and risked instances of data losses. In the absence of a robust data management system, the company’s personnel stored important design data on external hard drives and individual computers, resulting in a significant amount of important project data being stored in an unstructured manner at insecure locations and devices.

As a result, the data was vulnerable to internal and external threats, unsupervised and unauthorised modifications and even deletion. Data duplication was also a problem. In such a scenario, users usually found it challenging to search and locate the correct project data when it was required. Karnataka Engineering experienced delays that resulted in the escalation of project costs and timelines. “Our major challenge was to avoid data loss due to the use of traditional data management methods,” says Harsha Chandrashekar, Manager (Engineering), Karnataka Engineering.

Seamless integration

To transition from manual data management, secure all important project data, contain time and cost losses, the company required a system that would solve a few other issues. They wanted a reliable data management system that would provide solutions to business data management issues, allow data commonisation and re-use and facilitate knowledge and intellectual property (IP) management. Since the company wanted a solution that would allow scalability, they chose Teamcenter® software from Siemens PLM Software.

Teamcenter enabled Karnataka Engineering to have a centralised design data repository and eliminate all of their data management issues. The entirety of their important project design data was migrated and stored in a structured manner with unique automatically generated document numbers, which solved the data duplication issue. Teamcenter offered robust data security that led to knowledge and IP security and also created an access-controlled environment. With Teamcenter, the company established a secure and scalable system that allowed easy storage, search, retrieval and re-use of data. It also enabled the company to effectively store and manage all data generated by other design tools. “Teamcenter gave us a secure and integrated platform through which we can ensure seamless coordination among our various departments,” shared Chandrashekar.

Meeting business objectives

Karnataka Engineering’s primary objective in seeking a secure centralised design data management solution was to save project time and cost through knowledge and IP security. Teamcenter not only met these objectives but also facilitated seamless data management among the company’s design, production and quality departments across all four of their manufacturing units. The company achieved time savings of 60 – 70% and cost savings of 25 – 30% while increasing productivity by 25% through Teamcenter. Time saving through this solution also created a unique competitive advantage for Karnataka Engineering—they responded faster to requests for quotations (RFQs) and customer queries and also focused on new product development activities.

The DesignTech team helped Karnataka Engineering with the end-to-end PLM implementation, customisation and configuration. Siemens PLM Software, along with the support of DesignTech, enabled the company to achieve their business objectives. Summarising the benefits of the successful implementation of this solution, Chandrashekar concludes that quick data retrieval and easy revision management have, indeed, made their lives easier.

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