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Rodrigo Zereu, International Market Manager, NOVUS Automation

Data acquisition “Expecting higher growth rates in Asia”

Apr 6, 2017

Rodrigo Zereu, International Market Manager, NOVUS Automation, in an interaction with Megha Roy, explains the concept of working with the R&D-to-market launch within the company and further highlights the important industry sectors. Excerpts...

Can you brief us on the emerging trends in data acquisition instrumentation?

Modern experiments and processes are nowadays intensively considering detail levels that were not even recognised in the recent past, raising the demand of high-end DAQ instruments capable of delivering higher measurement resolutions at higher frequencies and accuracies. The challenge in this application domain is now assisting scientists and engineers with processing and analysing generated data to take faster and reliable conclusions. But this is one trend stream.

In other extreme, although not so far in terms of specification demands is the IoT world acquiring data constantly from everything, and pushing it to the cloud. When one looks at the limits and considers the amount of data generated, the challenge becomes to use Artificial Intelligence so as to analyse this data to reach conclusions and actions without any manual interference.

Which are the important industry sectors and geographies under focus for Novus? Where do you see the maximum growth coming from?

Our products and solutions reach a wide range of applications in agriculture, food, water treatment, pharmaceutical and building automation making these the most important sectors for us. NOVUS Automation is a brand already consolidated in the European and South & North American markets, leading us to increase efforts in Asia, from where we expect higher growth rates for the coming years.

How does R&D-to-market launch work in Novus? How does Novus keep abreast of the changes in market conditions/requirements globally and subsequently remain one step ahead for its customers locally?

We design innovative products to be global and inspired by the market trends and demands. From the concept until the product release, marketing and R&D areas get intensively involved gathering trends and demands worldwide through our sales channels and customers, associating them with technologies under development and transforming the input into a product specification to start design tasks. These teams are headquartered in Brazil together with our manufacturing facility. Our intense presence in trade shows worldwide grants the team with a wide market perspective, which shifts our brand one step ahead.

Today, Industry 4.0 and IoT applications are taking technology to a new edge. How is Novus coping up with this trend?

We realised the ‘Internet-connected devices’ trend and its potential early in 2002, when we released our first DAQ instrument capable of pushing data to a remote server using the internet. Staying on the edge of this fast-pace technology is our R&D team goal and it’s not an easy task. We have recently opened a branch in Canada from where we are supporting the headquarters R&D activities with a local team.

Novus operates in more than 60 countries and has earlier received an award in the category of Market Diversification. How do you ensure to be close to your customers all over the world?

Local operations are a key to stay close to the local sales channels and consequently the end customers. Doing it remotely is necessary during the growth process and represents an important challenge for our international sales team. Our customer relationship tools played an important role to allow us reaching this level of customer support, but the people is what makes the difference. Most of our international sales executives have R&D and marketing backgrounds allowing them to easily propagate and demonstrate our solutions value.

Can you brief us on Novus’ operations in Asia and India in particular? What are the plans in future for these markets?

We are operating in India through distribution channels and by investing on NOVUS brand promotions to the market. Our next step will be establishing a local branch to support the channels closer.

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