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RIGHT SOLUTION FOR MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY Ensuring maximum safety and productivity with the right solutions

Apr 20, 2022

Production facilities, old or new, are lined with undeniable technical issues. Issues that can be a danger to life and that need suitable solutions to get solved. This case study is an example of how right solutions, applied at the right time can minimise danger in production facilities and maximise productivity.

Technicians at the new production plant opened by Joan Bonastre SA, a high precision manufacturer, dedicated to machanisation and bar-tuning of high quality and precision in all industrial sectors, were quick enough to identify number of problems in their workshop that needed immediate attention. The smoke, odour, tools and surface quality issues needed a quick solution. The metalworking fluid specialists at Blaser Swisslube, had the right solution for these problems: Blaser cutting oil Blasomill GT 15.

Vicente Giner, CEO, Intoolges, the Spanish Blaser Swisslube business partner, has been closely associated with the Bonastre Group engineers for several years now, introducing the Blaser Swisslube products and the extensive concept of a liquid tool. When the metalworking fluid or cutting oil is tailored to the needs, processes, materials and surroundings, it can become a liquid tool and considerably improve the productivity and efficiency of the whole process. This introduction came in handy for the technical issues the new production plant of Bonastre Group was facing.

Right solution

The production in the new plant started with neat oils from another manufacturer, but soon it became clear that a different solution was needed. Joan Jordi Bonastre, CEO, Bonastre Group, explained that with new halls and offices up and running at the new exclusive plant, the productivity, quality and above all the odour and smoke development had to be improved. The internal cooling for drills and mills also needed improvement. Bonastre Group could not achieve the best performance with high-pressure pumps.

Bonastre used neat oils for the machining of titanium, chrome-cobalt and stainless steel. Based on the information provided and after an inspection and analysis of the production processes, the use of Blasomill GT 15 was recommended. The mineral oil-based cutting oil suited various segments and requirements. Alexander Schotten, Sales Engineer, Blaser Swisslube analysed that it was a clear product with a low viscosity for the internal cooling of smaller tools. It had a much higher flash point than the previously used product.

The result

In cooperation with the Bonastre engineering team, 10machines from the medical division were selected for a test phase. As the results were convincing, after four weeks of testing, Blasomill GT 15 was filled in all 30 machines in the workshop. The cutting fluid was convincing in all specified tests. The environment for the workers was improved considerably and smoke and odour issue thoroughly tackled. An isolated case with skin irritation was also eliminated.

Due to the lower viscosity and the better lubrication behaviour, the tool life was increased by up to 20%.Internally cooled tools were able to dissipate the heat better. The surface quality was also improved thanks to the better lubrication properties.

Bonastre later said that the new product Blasomill GT 15not only optimised the machining quality and productivity, but it was also very well received by the machining operators in terms of cleanliness and clarity. The work pieces could be seen during machining, making process monitoring and earlier intervention possible.

Bonastre Group, Intoolges and Blaser Swisslube aim to continue to cooperate to increase the productivity as well as the health, safety and comfort of their employees.

Courtesy: Blaser Swisslube

Image Gallery

  • The Bonastre family in the new production hall, where industrial products are manufactured

    The Bonastre family in the new production hall, where industrial products are manufactured

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