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Huang You-Zhong, General Manager, Prompt Integrated Technology

Image: Prompt Integrated Technology

Metal Cutting “Enhancing intelligent manufacturing in machines”

Jul 18, 2017

...says Huang You-Zhong, General Manager, Prompt Integrated Technology, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, while discussing his company’s latest technological developments and the key to success under the current tides of global forces. Excerpts…

Can you brief us on the product range of your company?

The column moving EDM and graphite high speed CNC milling machine are two products that the company focuses on. These two products stand out from other machinery manufacturers because it fills the niche among other existing products in the market. Prompt’s column moving EDM can compensate machining tasks that a double column machining centre is limited in – such as, smaller and more precise, delicate requirements in the aviation and electronics manufacturing industries.

On the other hand, introducing the graphite high speed CNC milling machine is quite significant, given the properties that would cut abundant waste and cost in machining. Using graphite in machining is relatively new in Taiwan and requires long process in R&D, experimentation, and collaboration with research institutes. Yet we believe that the efforts would show our company’s capacity in innovation, and ultimately, provide a fresh solution in machining for our customers.

How does your company strategise in order to face the varying market conditions in the current global scenario?

Not only does Prompt Machinery has a unique plan in their product choice, but the company also runs a different market strategy regarding international trade. We see crisis situations as opportunities, and with this belief, we were able to grow our revenue in 2016, whilst the year had appeared to be a gloomy year for many machine manufacturers. The fundamental precondition for us to secure the growth in uncertain times is to keep investing in R&D and find a niche in the harsh competition between superpowers, namely, China and the US. Our company was able to identify its position and execute a plan that suited its development as an SME.

Also, on the technology front, the next step for Prompt Machinery would be to develop controllers and software systems so as to enhance intelligent manufacturing in machines and help meet the global demands of our customers.

Can you brief us on the products that the company will be exhibiting at the upcoming EMO 2017?

The major machineries of our company include EDMs, machining centres, lathes, surface grinding machines and graphite or composite high-speed CNC milling machines. The exhibited machine at EMO 2017 will be MT-210 X 750. This is to cater to the demands of our customers who are looking for a complete product line of machines, as the core value of our company is to integrate the needs in machining. Thus, we provide machineries of different categories. Besides the sufficient equipment that we produce, our company also has its unique choice in innovation strategy.

What are the strategies that your company has in place in order to form a strong global presence in the market? What are your company’s future plans?

In 2017, our company is planning to formulate its promotion globally by attending 10 international metal working trade shows consecutively and investing heavily in on-site advertisements. Our objective is to attract the visitors’ attention and offer alternative solutions that are distinguished from traditional solutions provided by senior machine manufacturers. Our company has obtained outstanding reviews despite being a relatively young company and we will ensure that it continues to do so by providing overseas customer service, which will help fulfill service requirements instantly and locally.

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