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Dr. Andreas Wolf, Joint Managing Director, Bosch India

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SMART MANUFACTURING Enhancing connectivity with smart solutions

Jan 17, 2019

As the global market moves towards a digitally connected world, the second edition of the ‘Beyond Mobility’ conference, organised by Bosch India, took a collective undertaking of sharing insights and enunciated upon the integration of its connected solutions with the Indian market. The event also presented ‘The World of Bosch’ while illustrating its connected solutions in verticals beyond the mobility space and its incorporation of digital solutions across various industrial sectors. A post-event report…

As a leading global supplier of technology and services, the Bosch Group has substantially focused its research in the areas of mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology in various sectors, with Industry 4.0. It is, thus, developing a myriad of solutions for connected transportation, energy consumption and its efficiency. In this context, the Beyond Mobility conference, organised by Bosch, recently held in Bangalore, conferred on boosting the beyond mobility business with smart solutions based on growing infrastructure and consumer demand.

The second edition of this conference had converged to discuss smart solutions, which went beyond mobility. Some other areas of major focus were the power tools, security systems and cross-functional teams as a key to success in the IoT era. In addition to this, the pursuit of the ‘3S Strategy: Sensors, Software, and Services’ was also accentuated.

Solutions for the New Age

The event commenced with a welcome address from Amit Rele, Head—Corporate Communications, Bosch India, which was followed by an exclusive keynote address delivered by Soumitra Bhattacharya, Managing Director, Bosch Limited and President, Bosch Group India. Speaking about the company and its acute reach towards efficient solutions, Bhattacharya explained, “Our business is in a process of profound transformation from a hardware focus to models that focus more on services and data. We have the capability to develop greenfield technology that can power industries in a new-age manner.”

Solutions for India, Made in India

A rousing keynote was followed by another special keynote address by Dr. Andreas Wolf, Joint Managing Director, Bosch India. He elaborated on the opportunities for India in manufacturing as well as Industry 4.0, while articulating the challenges that such an approach faces. The hurdles, such as, development of quality mindsets, operational excellence and availability of smart automation and connectivity could be managed through smart solutions. Furthermore, he said, “It is important to precisely utilise the connectivity solutions and build up people, procedures and systems to use it.”

Dr Wolf also explained the dual impact strategy of Bosch India for this purpose. The first part of the strategy focused on making Bosch India the leading service and product solution provider in India, while the second part concentrated on aiding the users, who utilise these solutions. As a result, this master plan would ensure that solutions developed by Bosch are used and tested by Bosch itself. And being developed in India, it would not only be beneficial to the Indian consumer but also valuable in the international market. According to him, Indian manufacturing and businesses could be among the leading companies, with connected industry competency, and attain future success by using the top-down approach of the I4.0 academy. This was followed by a round of queries, where many concerns of the audience were addressed by Dr Wolf.

Megatrends in industries: Robotics & automation

After this session, Hans Banqert, Managing Director, Bosch Rexroth, spoke on the application of industrial robotics and gave a brief overview of the global industrial robotics market. With a concise introduction to the megatrends in the world of industrial robotics and automation, Banqert addressed the points of connectivity, computer vision, Machine Learning, sensors and storage regarding the same. He expanded on the types of robots in the business sector for smaller companies by speaking in detail about smaller robots terms as, Cobots or Collaborative Robots. The latest trend in robotics, Cobots are known for working in factories and industries, alongside workers, to simplify manufacturing. Shifting from the global view, he presented the Indian dimension of the robotics market and shared, “The market potential in India is huge due to automotive and fabrication sectors. Moreover, due to lower labour costs in India, manufacturing and marketing of automation is assisted exponentially.”

Speaking on integrated solutions in robotics, he briefly spoke about the Bosch Rexroth Integrated Robotics and discussed the collaboration between Bosch Rexroth and Plazma Technologies, based in Pune. He further involved the emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 in his discussions.

Digital transformation

With the upcoming digitisation and inclusion of internet technologies in companies and enterprises, digital transformation was an essential subject matter of the address given by Dattatri Salagame, Head—Digital Business, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions. In this new age of technology, accelerating enterprise transformation is almost a necessity. He briefed on the transformation essential for digitally enhanced enterprises and how it can be achieved through advancements in softwares, sensors and solutions. He highlighted the Bosch solution in the market for aiding and lending support to the digital transformation across companies and sectors. He also specified how the IoT technologies are expected to amplify in the market and how it added to the market opportunities by driving digital transformation across segments.

Subsequently, detailed presentations were made, explaining the newly identified areas of energyscope, transportation, construction, BSH and innovation, which were presented by the respective business unit heads. This was followed by a visit to the remarkably built Bosch India Experience Centre. Following the visit, the business unit heads further elaborated upon the aforementioned presentation topics. Accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises and developing solutions that are designed for the usability and affordability needs of Indian customers, the seminar concluded with a focus on the 3S’s—sensors, software and services—to enhance existing products and processes in all industry domains.

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