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E4.1 TUB

News E-chain & corrugated tube

Nov 30, 2016

igus has expanded its modular kit for the E4.1 energy chain series

igus has expanded its modular kit for the E4.1 energy chain series and now offers a solution for the guidance of e-chain and corrugated tube in the same system. Named E4.1 TUB, this system ensures flexibility, ease of assembly and long service life in a lowwear double system. With this, the side plates of the outer link of the e-chains are provided with special rails, on which you can simply slide in clips to hold the hoses. You can thus combine the energy chain with the tube in a very short time. Until now, the corrugated tubes had to be bolted to the chain using clamps. The so-called clip system holders are available in all four E4.1 sizes in combination with 8 different sizes of high-quality corrugated tubes. The side plates can also be easily retrofitted on existing E4.1 energy supply systems as clip system holders. Neither screws nor tools are required for their attachment to the e-chain and the assembly of the corrugated tubes.

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