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D3 and D1 dryve control systems

QUALITY MANAGEMENT Dryve for simple or complex control of linear systems

Feb 14, 2019

igus introduces D3 dryve controls linear systems completely without software or PC, thus offering cost-effective and easy-to-use control systems.

igus recently introduced the D3 dryve, which offers its users a control system for simple movement and the D1 dryve, which is a control system for more complex tasks. This allows a variety of tasks to be automated without programming. It helps in easy control and operation of the axes. The D3 control system is further suitable for all standard DC motors as it can be simply connected to the 24-volt power supply and can parameterise the operating mode, end position switches off, acceleration and the motor via the DiP switch. Its speed can be adjusted with a rotary controller and the current limiting is done by means of a screwdriver by another controller. So, after a few simple steps, the control system can already be put into operation. Also, an LED display indicates the current status of the control system to the user via various colours. Another advantage of the D3 dryve is that it is cost-effective. As a result, for the automation of their systems, even small and medium-sized companies without programming skills can use motorised linear axes. The new D3 dryve control system is used in furniture-making, for example, in extending countertops in the kitchen, or even for closing windows.

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