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Ada Lu

Director - Marketing Dept

Conprofe Technology Group

AUTOMATION & CONTROL Directing efforts towards sustainable development

Apr 11, 2019

Ada Lu, Director–Marketing Dept, Conprofe Technology Group, in this interaction with Dhiraj Bhalerao, throws light on the company’s targeted sectors, their corporate culture and her thoughts on IMTEX 2019. Excerpts…

Could you elaborate on some of the business sectors/ departments at Conprofe?

One of the pivotal departments we have is the ultrasonic equipment department, which is established by innovation and offers effective solutions for the need of the industry. The ultrasonic tool holder and precision grinding head is individualistically industrialised by us. Another significant department is the precision tool department, which has over 10 years of experience in precision machining industry. It is into various tools like, carbide tools, threading tools, MCD/PCD/PCBN tools, etc, which are used in 3C, medical, aerospace, etc, on a large scale.

One more pivotal department at Conprofetech is the green manufacturing department. The Green Cutting System product line covers new products, such as, MQL, supercritical CO2 cryogenic cooling system, etc. It transforms the use of coolants and oils in precision machining and brings down waste water and oil emissions, hence, saving energy and protecting the environment.

We also have the Intelligent Factory department, which provides a full range of industrial 2.0 to 4.0 customised intelligent solutions, covering DFM automation machines, automated production line and other products. The department also helps customers improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and create an exemplary high-end intelligent manufacturing factory with customers. Some of the other departments include the industrial robot department and precison mechanical components department.

How is the corporate culture in your company like?

We focus on working and building our brand, simultaneously with our efforts directed towards sustainable development. Meeting customers’ expectations is our first priority. We encourage better knowledge, creativity, teamwork, and sincere service to the customers, guaranteeing that we meet their needs to the fullest, providing them the best service in minimum time.

What are the CSR activities that Conprofe is involved in?

We have set up the Conprofe Green & Intelligent innovation and Development Fund which supports needy college students with an excellent performance in green manufacturing. We try to help and practice corporate social responsibility and obligations with actual actions.

Industry-academia collaboration is the most talked about topic in the industry today. What is Conprofe doing in this domain?

We work together with professionals from other countries, universities and research institutes. We believe that this collaboration helps develop new thinking on both sides and this leads to the formation of new ideas from different outlooks, such as, academia, market, customers, etc, which will eventually assimilate pioneering learning into our new technology and products. Through teamwork with different research institutes, Conprofe Technology is dedicated towards nurturing groundbreaking talent and stimulating the growth and progress of China’s manufacturing industry.

What are your obeservations on IMTEX 2019?

IMTEX 2019 is a very good opportunity to attend and meet new clients and exhibit our products for the industrial markets. This is the first time we were attending this exhibition. Our aim is to start business here in India and also broadcast our brand.

Which are the sectors/customers under focus for your company?

We are targeting the 3C, automotive, medical instruments/ devices and aerospace industry. We intend to bring intelligent solutions to our global customers through this exhibition.

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