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Diamond disc type rollers

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Specials Diamond disc type rollers

Jan 1, 2016

Wendt offers diamond disc type rollers that are primarily designed for manufacturing gears in average/large production volume. It ensures transfer of difficult profile shapes onto the grinding wheel, with very close and uniform tolerances. Diamond disc type rollers are usually used as a pair assembled in a rotary dressing device to create tooth rack profile into any conventional wheel. After dressing, the conventional wheel is ready to grind the tooth flanks in continuous generative grinding mode to achieve desired profile flank geometry on the work piece. Wendt diamond dressing discs are compatible with Reishauer, Fassler, Liebherr, Kapp, Gleason, Samputensili and other grinding machines, which confirm to DSA/SPA & RP2 dressing systems. The disc’s modular design caters to gears in the range 0.5 to 8.0 module. They are produced with standard and also customer-specific HBR, tip relief and tip chamfer. The diamond disc type rollers find application in gear grinding for automotive, process, wind mill and marine engine.

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