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DIGITALISATION Dassault Systèmes introduces DELMIAworks in India

Jul 12, 2021

With the introduction of DELMIAworks for the India market, Dassault Systèmes recently had a press meet, with its focus being on providing a digitalisation push to the Indian manufacturing industry around ERP and MES.

Dassault Systèmes strengthened its offerings for manufacturing enterprises in India with the introduction of DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS) to deliver new ways to monitor and manage manufacturing workflows and supply chains. DELMIAworks is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) suite of applications, including real-time IoT solution for production & process monitoring, focused on increasing operational efficiency & transparency across organisations with full end-to-end support of financial, design, planning, scheduling, production, quality and warehousing operations.

"With a mission to manufacture high-precision injection moulded plastic components for some of the world's most well-known OEMs, we have been early adopters of Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIAworks Manufacturing ERP solutions," said Chintan Shah, CFO, Shaily Engineering Plastics and added, “MES real-time systems from DELMIAworks enable us to follow real-time production and quality tracking, performance management by order/work centre, inventory valuation and inventory tracking. This assists us in providing a promised delivery date to the customer, therefore increasing customer satisfaction. Apart from the visibility of machine utilisation at all levels on a real-time basis, there is constant watch on the cost of poor quality & material yield, with deeper insight into it. Such a high level of collaboration calls for a single digital environment that will bring this ecosystem together.”

Further talking about the advantages of the solution, P M Ravikumar, MD - India, Dassault Systèmes, asserted, “DELMIAworks exemplifies our commitment for our manufacturing customers in India. Alongside SOLIDWORKS applications, it provides a connection between engineering and manufacturing for small to large enterprises. It also complements our strategy in India to be a trusted solution partner for the discrete manufacturers in the entire value chain – from engineering design to manufacturing, production and shipment of the customers’ product. Besides, it connects businesses to the 3DEXPERIENCE marketplace, giving them access to companies that can help with manufacturing engineering and with executing manufacturing services, such as contract manufacturing and on-demand part supplies, which are key factors for manufacturing growth in any country.”

George B Korn, Global Partners & COE, DELMIAworks, Dassault Systèmes, further sharing his views, added, “DELMIAworks is geared towards the small business to mid-market sized customers, and we’re looking to complete the circle from end-to-end manufacturing.” He said, “Prior to even being with Dassault, we were looking at companies that had locations in different parts of the world and still being able to connect under one roof so that they can keep their supply chain together. From a demographic of who we are, besides the small business space that we're talking about, we are looking for customers that are in highly regulated fields. So, automotive, medical, aerospace, government work, etc are generally the highest on our list and represent the majority of our customers. But a majority of our customers have their hands in more than one space. So, even though they're predominantly automotive, they're also doing some medical or marine or other things behind that. Even though Dassault has recently acquired us, we've had a global footprint that we've been trying to increase and now have the power of being part of this brand.”

Korn further went on to say that DELMIAworks enables business continuity. “Even as the climate of manufacturing has changed, as these different things have changed at different speeds, obviously much faster today than it was five or ten years ago, our system can adjust with those customers and give them the power that they need,” he divulged.

Putting across his inputs on the India plans for DELMIAworks, Ramakrishnan Venkatraman, Director, SOLIDWORKS & DELMIAworks India, asserted that ever since they took the journey of taking up DELMIAworks into the Indian market, they have been having a dedicated focus in terms of how they go to the market, in terms of their approach to the market, as well as the solution offerings from the markets. “At DELMIAworks, we can create a complete end-to-end solution for addressing digital manufacturing to compete in the global marketplace,” he revealed. Speaking on the focus of manufacturing types & markets, he said that they are going to focus on plastic injection moulding, metal stamping, metal cutting, etc, and the markets of focus include automotive, medical, food & beverage, etc. “We are looking at DELMIAworks to enable & enhance the Indian manufacturing sectors to have much more predictability in terms of production schedules & planning. It will help Indian manufacturing organisations to compete in the global market in a much more elaborated & better way,” he informed.

Arisoft is Dassault Systemes full-service partner in India, with an established presence in the country, specialising in manufacturing ERP & IoT-MES platforms and bespoke solutions for discrete & batch manufacturing segments. Imtiaz Lodhi, CEO, Arisoft, put across, “We are privileged to be a part of Dassault Systèmes’ world and in extending DELMIAworks ERP-MES-IoT platform to the Indian market. We see tremendous potential with the ‘Atmanirbhar’ initiative of the Government of India. Our endeavour is to leverage the global learnings we have gained over the last six years servicing North American manufacturers and offer the same to the growing Indian economy.”

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