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Sharad Kulkarni

Vice-President Sales & Marketing

Dormer Pramet India

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APPLICATION OF CUTTING TOOLS Cutting tools are critical to the machining process

Jan 18, 2022

...says Sharad Kulkarni, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Dormer Pramet India, in this exchange with Juili Eklahare. The company provides customers with access to a wide range of high quality, fit-for-purpose products, including hole-making, milling, turning and threading tools. Kulkarni explains how the Dormer A002 is a better drill compared to the other ones, why the right usage of the application of the cutting tool is of paramount importance for overall manufacturing efficiency & how the company wants to improve its footprint in Asia. Excerpts…

The Dormer A002 has become one of the most iconic drills in the market. Why is it a perfect alternative to other, low cost drills?

Even though it has been around for some time, the Dormer A002 still continues to give an output that surpasses the current benchmarks in the market. The process brings in a very superior level of performance when it comes to drilling application in terms of productivity & better life. This makes the Dormer A002 way ahead of other drills in the market.

How do you evaluate existing processes and drive required changes in your company, especially during times like the pandemic?

We evaluated the process at our plant and sales operations. All the required safety norms were followed including social distancing, without compromising on the output. On the sales we have been contacting our customer with modern digital tools. Besides that, we have been offering high quality online training to our customers & partners.

One of your specialties is lean manufacturing. How do cutting tools impact lean initiatives?

When it comes to cutting tools, the interesting factor is that they contribute generally 2-3% of the total manufacturing cost. However, their impact on the overall cost for component can be close to 15-20%. Therefore, the right usage of the cutting tool is of paramount importance in contributing to the overall manufacturing economics. One must never overlook the role of cutting tools when it comes to the implementation of lean manufacturing initiative.

The global metal cutting tools market is expected to grow at CAGR 4% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. In such times, what is your strategic thinking with focus on business development and change management?

Asia is one of those places where the excitement about this sector is very high. So, we want to improve our footprint in the continent from what it already is. Secondly, we are looking at some interesting segments like railways and aerospace. Further from the product perspective, we see opportunities in round tools. Our focus on R&D is helping us introduce new and modern products.

What are your future plans for your company?

We see a lot of opportunities in India when it comes to cost efficiency, higher productivity and better performance. We are looking at developing our channel to make it more digitally connected & efficient. Besides, we are developing our e-business and creating a rich customer experience.

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