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Praveen Crasta

Chief Executive Officer

CM Envirosystems (CME)

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TEST & MEASUREMENT Customers’ voice and data will win all arguments

Jan 22, 2020

…says Praveen Crasta, Chief Executive Officer, CM Envirosystems (CME), in his conversation with Anvita Pillai. He delves on the strategies adopted to stay ahead in the business, the R&D developments to ensure products survive in tough testing conditions, long-term and short-term goals and more. Excerpts…

The environment simulation test industry is amongst the most competitive industries; what game play has been adopted by CME to ensure it stays ahead of its competitors in the market?

An environmental simulation chamber is used for reliability and quality testing of products before launch and during production. The impact of this testing is very huge for any company and thus, they don’t look forward to compromise on the purchase of this equipment. The industry is dominated by German, Japanese and American companies. Having said that, companies are in a constant search to reduce costs to be competitive in the market. CME has positioned itself in a unique position of being 15-30% cost effective than German, Japanese and American companies, but 20-40% more expensive than low quality domestic players. We are able to bring about this cost effectiveness due to supply chain efficiency, efficient design and the impact of low factory costs.

Your products mostly play a crucial role in the R&D and quality testing stage. Considering both these stages are pivotal for the success of a new product in the market, what are the certain factors that help your products survive stringent testing conditions while offering highest reliability?

Our environmental chambers are designed to run 24/7.Refrigeration, instrumentation and electrical components are purchased from fortune 500 and A+ rated companies only. The brain on the equipment is the controller. Our ‘Envicom’ software monitors all critical parameters in the equipment, including health of all moving components. This is to ensure that CME is able to anticipate a breakdown and thus, increasing the uptime of the equipment. The equipment is IoT enabled and can be access controlled and serviced from anywhere in the world.

How is the company working towards creating a synergy among the workforce to add value to customers?

We have implemented a concept called ‘Why to what’ from the famous management guru Simon Sinek. We focus on competing with ourselves, by keenly listening to our customer’s feedback. In a discussion on a regular day, customers’ voice and data will win all arguments. We have mapped the touch points/customer experience points in the company and have designed systems to ensure there is a great and seamless experience for the customer at all stages of interaction with CME. Considering ours is a niche business, customer referral is the main source of business. We have set up a ‘win back’ budget for customers that are unhappy with our product and we will spend on their behalf to make sure we ‘win them back’.

CME recently launched a solution to reduce product recalls, development cycles while simultaneously increasing productivity and quality. Can you tell us more about this solution?

An environmental chamber’s primary function is to reduce recalls & development time and increase productivity. However, our controller is now capable to advance control of the Device Under Test (DUT). Via our controller one can operate and gather data for analysis without the need for external sources.

What are the company’s short-term & long-term mission and vision?

For the short-term, we have just started our company in the USA, and we will have about 300 installation in the next 3 years. We will increase our market share in India from the current 52% to over 65% in the next three years. Speaking for the long-term, we will be the fifth largest environmental chamber company in the world by 2025.

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