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Balwant Bains, General Manager – Product Management & Marketing, Zavenir Daubert

Metal Working Fluids “Creating value for the end-user”

Feb 7, 2017

“ As the industry is traversing towards green and environmental chemistries, we will see an increased demand for water-based and environment-friendly products.”

Can you brief us on the business model offered by your company for the Indian market in terms of verticals, industries and services?

Zavenir Daubert is one of the leaders in corrosion prevention & metal working technologies in India. We have collaborated with industry leaders such as Daubert, Kluthe and Parker Industries. We provide a complete range of corrosion prevention products such as rust prevention oils & waxes and VCI oils, films, papers & devices. We entered the MWF (Metal Working Fluids) market in India three years back and have been consistently improving our market share year-on-year. Under the HAKUFORM® brand umbrella, we provide neat-cutting oils and water-soluble cutting fluids. HAKUFORM® ensures a higher level of HSE compliance by making use of Kluthe's Advanced Surfactant Technology and chlorine-free EP additives.

What, according to you, are the recent developments in metal working fluid technologies? Can you brief us on the factors that are driving growth in the industry sector ?

Metal working fluids have been one of the constantly changing chemistries. Focus on cutting costs, increasing productivity, and emphasis on worker safety and environment standards have led to further advancement in their composition and usage. Keeping in view the industry trends, we have recently introduced HAKUFORM® L-series, fully synthetic metal working oils to supplement our existing range of non-water-miscible HAKUFORM metalworking oils. We have also launched HAKUFLUID®, which combines the benefits of neat oils with those of water soluble cutting fluids.

How are you viewing the demand trends in India? What are your company’s investment strategies for the Indian market?

Traditionally, demand emanated from light engineering and automotive sectors; however, we are witnessing an upsurge in demand from heavy projects and government sectors. As the industry is traversing towards green and environmental chemistries, we will see an increased demand for water-based and environment-friendly products. HSE has become the prime focus for most of the manufacturers leading to the use of chemicals which are non-hazardous for workers. Our entire product range meets these growing HSE standards. We are strategising to achieve pole position in the Indian corrosion prevention, metal working fluid and paint-shop products market.

What are your recommendations for optimisation of machining strategy and workplace safety in a holistic manner?

The chemicals industry has undergone rapid advancements during the last few years. Increased focus on R&D has resulted in the rise of technologies that meet the twin objectives of high productivity and cost reductions. One such innovation is CCPP (Cut, Clean, Protect & Pack) solution engineering by Zavenir Daubert. It is a holistic ‘Chemical Process Optimisation’ approach interlinking all chemical process steps of a plant across the lifecycle from the design and development to actual implementation, thereby creating value for the end user. We recommend HAKUFORM® for cutting, HAKUPUR® for cleaning, NOX-RUST® for protection and DAUBERT VCI® for packing.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally? How well does IMTEX 2017 represent these latest manufacturing innovations?

We believe that stability and flexibility in operations, performance-based culture, action on customer feedback and strong partnership with internal and external stakeholders are key to manufacturing excellence. This is true for global and local firms alike. One such example is CCPP programme in which our global team takes care of the complete manufacturing set-up of our customer to understand their challenges in detail. We are in a better position to advise relevant solutions to them. IMTEX provides a great platform for all the stakeholders to get together and work collaboratively to build and achieve stable, flexible, performance-oriented organisations.☐

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