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Sridhar Dharmarajanc

Executive Vice President & Managing Director

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, India and MSC Software, Indo-Pacific

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DIGITALISATION Continuous innovation and cooperation to grow is crucial now

Jun 16, 2020

…mentions Sridhar Dharmarajan, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, India and MSC Software, Indo-Pacific, in his interview with Anvita Pillai. An organisation that holds expertise in capturing real-world quality data for measurement, positioning and inspection, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence through its technology uses actionable information gained by analysing the results to improve manufacturing processes. Herein, Dharmarjan divulges into how they are helping form a sustainable future, how autonomous solution can be of help during the present crisis and more. Excerpts…

How does Hexagon technologies shape the urban and production ecosystem while ensuring a scalable and sustainable future?

Manufacturing and urbanisation are moving forward leaps and bounds with the help of digital transformation. Every industry has a unique set of priorities, like the automotive industry needs to contend with the need for better design, easier handling, greater comfort, convenience, etc. Within the manufacturing set-up, our production software solutions support production engineers and technicians with a broad range of CAD and CAM softwares that enable users to produce quality parts. Our design and engineering capabilities help reduce time and cost right at the design stage.

During this present COVID-19 crisis, where productions are just starting again, do you think autonomous solutions can help in keeping productions running with remote human monitoring? If so, then how?

Given the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, a significant focus area for manufacturers is undoubtedly to realign cost structures, sharpen productivity and strengthen capital efficiency. Until now, there were no reliable solutions to retrofit existing machineries and OT data with connectivity-enabled capabilities, but the Industry 4.0 framework enables this. It encompasses areas, such as machine integration, edge/cloud computing, advanced visualisation, mobility solutions, enterprise integration, ML/AI, etc. While nothing can replace the human touch in any factory to ensure that it runs smoothly, autonomous solutions have a huge role to play. Therefore, this is undoubtedly a good time for the industry to start implementing autonomous solutions.

Businesses are coming to a halt due to the virus. What are the kind of challenges faced by Hexagon at present? What measures is the company planning on implementing to recover quickly, once back in business?

The COVID-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented situation – extraordinary in terms of the scale and global impact. Just like we are keen to get on with our business, our customers are eager to restart work; the entire ecosystem wants to get back to work. Presently, we are putting in place whatever measures we can to help our customers stay productive during this period. Like, we put in place a work from home program to provide our customers with access to our software at home to ensure business continuity, along with free access to our e-learning platform.

What are your plans to strengthen your presence in India in the coming years?

Over the last few years, the Indo-Pacific region has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the world. We’ve been taking several measures to ensure higher engagement and support for our customers in India, as they advance on their digitisation journey. In 2019, we signed an agreement with the IITD AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing to evangelise smart manufacturing among Indian MSMEs to help users, mainly from the SME sectors, to establish working prototypes of their products using automation tools. Similarly, we announced our customer experience centre, the first of its kind in India, to house a virtual test drive simulator. We have been stressing on the importance of continuous innovation and cooperation to grow, and it is even more crucial now.

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