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Dr Vishwas R Puttige, Head – Business Development, Ace Manufacturing Systems

Machine Tools “Consumers are selective in requirements”

Feb 6, 2017

“ With the current uncertainty in the market, the investments are likely to be in higher productivity solutions with shorter return of investments. There is a need for low cost automation and solutions with high levels of autonomy.”

How has the IMTEX metal-cutting exhibition evolved over the years? How is the exhibition helping Indian machine tool manufacturers to advance their technology?

Over the years, IMTEX exhibition has evolved in-line with trends in metal-cutting technology. With time, the number of exhibitors from new countries has increased. The exhibits have attracted an increasing number of visitors even during lackluster markets. The quality of exhibits have also improved significantly due to various factors such as demand from customers, faster access to new technology and international participation. IMTEX has helped machine tool builders to consolidate their developments and showcase their technical capabilities. A healthy competition to exhibit technologically advanced products exists among the Indian machine tool manufacturers because of this exhibition.

Given that global manufacturing companies are moving towards Industry 4.0, how will these trends and technologies be observed at IMTEX 2017?

Manufacturers who have realised the impact of Industry 4.0 are keen to have their products ready when the actual revolution takes off in a large scale. Selected companies have their products equipped with this technology and are going to be demonstrating them at IMTEX. Currently, this technology may attract the attention of scale manufacturers and subsequently, the lower tier manufacturers.

Given the current uncertain economic situation in India, what are the possible ways in which IMTEX can drive growth in the manufacturing sector?

With the current uncertainty in the market, consumers have become selective in their requirements. The investments are likely to be in higher productivity solutions with shorter return of investments. There is a need for low cost automation and solutions with high levels of autonomy. Batch sizes are drastically reducing demanding high levels of flexibility in manufacturing. IMTEX will be a platform to witness these solutions creating new opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

IMTEX provides a good platform for networking. What would be your company’s strategy post IMTEX 2017 to get the maximum out of the exhibition?

IMTEX is a good platform to network and brings not only existing customers but also attracts potential buyers to the show. With the launch of new products and solutions at the show, there will be a lot of interest generated amongst customers. Post the exhibition, we would explore possibilities of meeting the needs of our customers better. The primary focus post show will also be dissemination of information regarding the launches to the relevant users.

What are the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally? How well does IMTEX 2017 represent these latest manufacturing innovations?

Some of the main factors that are driving manufacturin excellence globally are productivity, quality, reliability, total cost of ownership, automated manufacturing, process optimisation, flexible production processes, etc. Machine tool builders have largely focused on these aspects to enhance their offerings to the customers. With the advent of time, quality of exhibits at IMTEX have improved significantly in terms of technology and have come close to other international machine tool shows.

How do you plan to align your company’s Vision 2020 strategy with the latest manufacturing trends along with government’s initiatives?
Our vision is to be a global leader in engineering and technology achieved by providing reliable and cost-effective products & solutions. With the new government initiatives, there has been a growing emphasis for manufacturing in India. There is a belief that many of these initiatives will open doors to high volume manufacturing in India especially in areas such as defense equipment and aerospace components. We intend to leverage on such markets so as to achieve our vision for the decade. ☐

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