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Divyesh Shah

CEO & Founder

LinkEZ Technology

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PROCESS DIGITISATION Connected manufacturing brings in complete visibility

May 4, 2020

…mentions Divyesh Shah, CEO & Founder, LinkEZ Technology, in his interview with Anvita Pillai. With a vision to make manufacturing processes transparent, LinkEZ Technologies brings a combination of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions that improves operational efficiency and operational equipment effectiveness by 10 times. In this conversation, Shah discusses the idea behind starting LinkEZ, their MATS platform, how it can help in production monitoring during this COVID-19 lockdown period and more. Excerpts…

What was the agenda behind starting Linkez? How does it help connect people and technology?

For manufacturing industries, leveraging IT for I4.0 is not second nature and building in house expertise is not scalable. But if deep tech can compliment their operational expertise, then the solution becomes more like a tool for them and helps maximise their full manufacturing potential. That was the idea that gave birth to LinkEZ. Our goal was to make technology simple and easy-to-use, so that people can connect with it and adopt easily.

There has always been a prevalent problem for manufacturers of not knowing ‘how a part is being manufactured’, raising questions about process, quality and delivery. How does your start-up provide a solution to this problem?

Interestingly, we have heard the exact statement from many OEMs that we talked to. OEMs prescribe the process and audit through paper trail. This is not efficient if you consider OEMs having thousands of part manufacturers in the supply chain. LinkEZ, with its AI-driven MATS Platform, helps digitalise 4Ms (Man, Machine, Material and Method), enforces the process, monitors quality and provides real-time digital transparency to answer the ‘how is it manufactured’ question across their supply chain pyramid. MATS platform brings in efficiency in delivering to the plan, to the quality and enables remote audit.

How does connected manufacturing bring in ease of production to both, the manufacturer as well as the end-customer?

Connected manufacturing brings in complete visibility of people, process and inventory, enabling reduction of costs by allowing accountability, compliance and buffer inventory reduction across the supply chain. Couple it with 100% enforceability that MATS bring in, it consents zero process violations and zero-defect manufacturing. With this, the cost of compliance and quality come down significantly for both, OEMs and vendors enabling a truly cost-optimised supply chain.

With the COVID-19 impacting and there being a reduction in labour and movement, how do you think your product MATS can be helpful in production monitoring?

Our MATS platform enables one to adhere to COVID-19 SOPs while not compromising with the manufacturing SOPs. It uses guided workflows for quick labour reskilling and digital information exchange at every level, enabling social distancing and the ability to control, observe and enforce remotely. We have 25+ feature rich modules that address all these and many other situations. It’s like having a digital supervisor always present across the supply chain.

How do you plan on growing and establishing a strong presence in India in the next five years? Any plans of global expansion?

Presently, we are the digital transformation partners to some of the major manufacturers in India, drawing a strategy for them and implementing MATS across their plants. Our MATS platform enables true 4.0 CoE, be it for small, medium or large enterprises. We are aggressively building our partner network in India and abroad, and have enabled our 5X outreach goal. In the next 5 years, our goal is to help at least 10K+ manufacturers realise their full potential through digital transformation.

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