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Ravikiran Pothukuchi


Dassault Systèmes

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AEROSPACE & DEFENCE MANUFACTURING SECTOR IN INDIA Collaboration across the entire value chain is a critical success factor for A&D

Nov 25, 2021

Adoption of low-risk, high-impact technologies have been accelerated with the pandemic - Ravikiran Pothukuchi, Director, Dassault Systèmes

The pandemic period has been a particularly odd time. How has the A&D sector fared in the past year, in your opinion? As an example, can you elaborate on how your organisation adapted to the low falls in the industry?

COVID-19 led to a dramatic reduction in passenger traffic, however, the sector is expected to recover slowly hereon, though travel demand may not return to pre–COVID-19 levels before 2024. As for the defence sector, it will continue to remain stable as most countries, despite the pandemic, have not significantly reduced their defence budgets.

As for us, we saw accelerated interest in new design, collaboration, and visualisation technologies during the pandemic across infrastructure, space companies, government and defence PSUs and railways.

There is a forecast of India becoming the global aerospace hub. Your opinion? How can the government aid company, such as yours, in the journey?

India will become the global aerospace hub soon, and the recent wins by some of the Indian aerospace companies in collaboration with global OEMs endorse this trend. Plus, with the Make in India and Digital India initiatives, many companies in this sector are leveraging the new age technologies in 3D design, engineering, simulation and manufacturing domains. We are closely working with several government bodies, including state governments, to create an infrastructure where these technologies can be accessible to MSMEs, start-ups, students and the workforce.

Unmanned aircraft are a hot topic both from India's commercial & defence (government) perspective. Does your organisation plan on venturing into this segment? If yes, what strategies do you plan to put in place to compete with pre-existing players?

Electric aircraft technology is certainly emerging as a critical force against some of the biggest environmental and humanitarian challenges our society faces today. With new technologies, unmanned aircraft or drones have become cheaper, more expendable and provide faster remote access to a particular area without compromising human safety.

Dassault Systèmes provides 3D design and engineering solutions to drone manufacturers and is working with pioneers to use our services to design and build the aircraft of tomorrow. One such is General Aeronautics which developed drones for large-scale sanitisation and monitoring of COVID-19 hotspots across India.

There are a lot of start-ups entering India’s A&D segment. How can industry majors and start-ups collaborate to ensure India becomes the A&D hub for the globe?

Start-ups and MSMEs are definitely entering the A&D segment across the entire value chain. So, collaboration across the entire value chain is a critical success factor for becoming a global hub. The question that comes to our mind is how this can be accomplished. We had the experience of contributing to setting up a Digital collaboration hub for the European A&D industry, namely BoostAerospace. Our defence corridors may replicate a similar collaboration hub to enable collaborating innovation through the entire industry value chain.

What does India in 2022 look like for the A&D sector, according to you? What strategies need to be instilled to ensure your organisation is a contributor to the Indian economy?

Companies have strengthened their commitment towards sustainability, which would be a differentiating factor in 2022 and beyond. We see companies taking measures on three pillars of people, planet and profit to achieve sustainable manufacturing, create value for all and grow as a thriving business.

We are assisting businesses in meeting their sustainability goals. We continue to provide our cloud-based solutions to start-ups, providing benefits such as less CAPEX, enhanced security of design and CAD data for firms, flexibility at lower cost, and always up-to-date information irrespective of physical location constraints.

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