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Market News CNC Software, releases Mastercam 2019

Aug 21, 2018

CNC Software Inc recently announced the release of Mastercam 2019, which increases programming efficiency, while reducing overall production costs

CNC Software Inc, developer of Mastercam, recently announced the release of Mastercam 2019, which was developed to streamline the manufacturing process from job setup to job completion, and is now available for purchase. Mastercam 2019 increases programming efficiency, while reducing overall production costs, with a series of automated 2D through 5-axis toolpath improvements. Re-engineered chamfering and holemaking strategies, plus the new multi-axis deburring, provide new levels of time-saving automation and simplicity. It also reduces the preparation needed for part machining and programming. This includes enhanced CAD functionality and 3D model import support, improved part preparation and fixture setup tools, additional PowerSurface capabilities, and expanded support for Model-Based Definition (MBD). Mastercam 2019 also expands accelerated finishing with support for taper and lens style tools, aimed at 75% cycle time improvement for finishing operations with superior surface finish quality. Plus, with improvements to toolpath and machine simulation, toolpath graphics, and other verification and analysis tools, it provides greater programming assurance and allows for more informed decisions before a job is run. These improvements include support for block drilling multiple holes simultaneously and better axis control in simulation, allowing you to easily check machine limits or collision checking. Additionally, it also improves job documentation and management, while helping to address quality and certification initiatives. New toolpath visualisation capabilities and section view tools, improvements to view and setup sheets, and a wide array of system level enhancements improve effectiveness in managing job workflow and providing better tools for process documentation.

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