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CAD/CAM (Promotion) Choose ESPRIT CAM software for ‘Less Clicks More Chips’

Jan 1, 2016

DP Technology’s product Esprit CAM software is well known in the market for its complete one-stop solution it provides for all CNC machines with any controller, starting from their solution of turning machine from 2-22 axis to milling machines from simple VMCs to complex 5-axis machines to complex sliding heads and other turnmill machines.

We believe it or not but 2016 will be the year of Indian manufacturing system’s drastic change. It’s not only because of the new technologies being adopted and automation happening in different industries across India. It is mainly because the mindset of people who are the backbone of our manufacturing industry is on a way to change. And this change is for the good.

At Esprit CAM software, people believe in one simple thing. If you have good machine, then you not only need a good software to just cut a part, but you need that software to make sure that you are cutting the part under best conditions and automating it to save your production and money. Esprit CAM software is not only a simple CAD/CAM software for any of your CNC machine but it’s known in the market as ‘Machine Driver’.

There are certain latest introduced features of Esprit CAM software that play a critical role in automating processes at most of the customer places.

5-axis pinch milling: It helps in utilising the lower and the upper turret at the same time on the same part using live milling tools. It saves great amount of cycle time.

B-axis contouring: For multi-tasking machines, it helps in utilising full rotational capacity of the B-axis by cutting along the inner and outer edge in one single step.

Rotary wire EDM: It helps in cutting complex shapes in one single step in complex multi-axis wire EDM machines.

Torchoidal channel roughing: Provides high speed roughing by maintaining a constant cutter load to remove material in a channel bounded by two walls.

Spinning tool technology: It gives a new opening into turning CNC machine industry by providing 2000% increase in tool life by providing a spin on a turning tool.

Companies that invest in complex machine tools quickly see the advantages of mill-turn machines that perform multiple milling and turning operations on a single machine tool, and often with a single set-up. What these companies also see is the need for a powerful CAM system to handle the complex programming that factor into the mill-turn equation.

Here are eight reasons that companies turn to ESPRIT CAM software to maximise the productivity of their machine tool investments:

  • Factory certified post processors for accurate G codes

  • Full machine simulation

  • Synchronisation and optimisation

  • One single user interface

  • Response to all CAD files in the industry

  • Support to all CNC machine with any controller

  • Complex 5-axis milling features

  • Customer support and application team

The worldwide partnerships of the company say about their background. With their long term relations with machine manufacturers and tooling companies provides Esprit CAM a big lead as compared to any other competitor in the market. The new cloud-enabled ESPRIT CAM software offers a list of recommended cutting tools based on machining features and machining sequences.

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