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India, being the second largest in cement production, Wonder Cement appears in the market to uphold the legacy

Image: Rittal India

Power & Energy Cementing energy saving solutions

Jun 25, 2018

The cement industry has always been an energy-intensive sector. The cost of energy as part of the total production costs in the cement industry is significant, warranting attention for energy efficiency to improve the bottom line. The article highlights how energy efficient enclosure cooling solution helped Wonder Cement to reduce downtime and increase efficiency of the plant.

India, being the second largest in cement production, Wonder Cement appears in the market to uphold the legacy. An annual production of 6.75 million tons meant that they were right on the top of cement industry. After the launch of their new Greenfield project, Wonder Cement was on the lookout for a reliable energy saving solutions provider, who can lower down their maintenance cost, reduce downtime and help in increasing total efficiency of their plant to maintain the productivity.

Hurdles on road

Mitigation of production costs and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are the major concerns raised in the cement industry. It was the same with Wonder Cement. Their old cooling solutions required high maintenance often resulting in system failure due to the low quality of products. They needed a service provider that could reduce their operation cost while providing high energy efficient cooling solutions.

Innovation in energy & service

As soon as Rittal got the confirmation from Wonder Cement, its team of engineers drafted a plan to audit Wonder Cement. Rittal’s survey helped to provide Wonder Cement with small and large enclosures that could secure and provide durability to their drives. Rittal facilitated its efficient cooling units so that the drive inside the panel can be maintained at right temperature.

Rittal is one of the world’s leading system providers for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services. The company is known for its product and services, and its flexible range of services compliment the exhaustive product portfolio. The company’s team consists of 150 service partners and over 1000 trained service engineers who help to provide innovative maintenance services in rapid response time.

It was not an easy road for Rittal to gain entry into the cement market and provide solutions for the cement industry. The company’s constant efforts and excellent track record provided an opportunity and it stepped right up with Wonder Cement. Rittal provided Wonder Cement with 500 small enclosures, 30-40 large enclosures and 22 Blue e cooling units.

Need for energy efficient enclosure cooling

Electrical and electronic components used in industrial applications, such as, switchgear, drives, metering components, indication lamps, protection relays, overload relays, etc. dissipate heat during their regular operation. The heat, thus dissipated, tends to build up inside the enclosure that houses these active components. This is further amplified by high ambient temperatures during hot summers.

Thus, it is important to maintain the temperature inside an enclosure within a particular range since excessive heat build-up inside an enclosure may cause failure of the above said active components. Such failures hamper the production & manufacturing operations and could be disastrous at certain times. This also increases downtime and cost to the organisation.

Rittal’s Blue e cooling units answered to the demanding needs in enclosure cooling. The all-new hybrid cooling technology by Rittal has taken the cooling units’ energy efficiency to a whole new level. It was quickly evident that not only did Rittal’s solutions help Wonder Cement to maintain the temperature inside the panel, it also helped in reducing total operation costs by saving energy.

Achieving 75% energy saving

Blue e and Blue e+ has revolutionised the industries because of their low maintenance and highly dependable features. Rittal offered solutions that provided a considerable cost benefit in terms of procurement, energy savings and maintenance. The Blue e+ cooling unit series is the ultimate in terms of efficiency, saving up to 75% energy due to speed-regulated components and heat pipe technology.

Due to the great product line, on-time delivery and prompt maintenance services, Rittal has cemented the bond with Wonder Cement as their first choice for any upcoming future project when it comes to energy efficient solutions. Commenting on the successful collaboration, Sunil Sharma, AVP-Project E&I, Wonder Cement, said, “We are happy that we got a chance to collaborate with Rittal. Their contribution has helped us to get efficient and reliable services for our cement plant.”

Courtesy: Rittal India

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