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capaNCDT 6220

Specials Capacitive sensors

Apr 1, 2016

Micro-epsilon offers capacitive sensors, capaNCDT 6220 that senses air gap measurement in large electric motors. With all electric motors, a smooth operation is required in order to ensure a long operating life. Particularly with large motors, imbalance can cause significant damage in the running motor, resulting in high financial losses. The capacitive capaNCDT 6220 sensor enables 100% reliable inspection and monitors the concentricity during running. The capacitive sensors are resistant to the magnetic fields that occur regularly inside the electric motor. Due to the restricted installation space, flat capacitive sensors with a height of just 2.5 mm are used. The cable length is another important aspect. Due to the enormous size of the motor, cable lengths of 8 m or longer are necessary. In total, one motor normally has 8 sensor channels, but up to 16 channels an also be installed. Permanent retooling is not necessary. Measurements are generally carried out in a non-contact manner, ensuring long-term reliability and stability.

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