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DIGITALISATION Building the Industry 4.0-ecosystem in India

May 7, 2019

On a global scale, with the emergence of a myriad of smart solutions that aid industrial production, Industry 4.0 is considered to be the transformational technology in manufacturing. In order to keep up with the current trends of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, Rockwell Automation recently held the Rockwell Automation On The Move (RAOTM) 2019 conference, which conferred on bringing about this digital transformation to the Indian manufacturing market. A post event report…

With the onset of Industry 4.0 on the global market, the call for a profound shift towards progressive technologies in the Indian industries is undeniable. Thus, industrial automation and Artificial Intelligence have been the irrefutable forerunners in discussions as India endeavours to triple its combined factory output in gross value added (GVA) terms to $1 trillion by 2025. Having realised this, Rockwell Automation recently held Rockwell Automation On The Move 2019 (RAOTM) annual conference, which emphasised the acute need and explicated what the oncoming Industry 4.0 signifies across the manufacturing sector.

Leaders in Industry 4.0 development

As the torch bearers, who have taken a firm stance to be the guiding light for developing the Industry 4.0 ecosystem among Indian manufacturers, RAOTM 2019 witnessed the congregation of industrial pioneers who gathered at India’s largest industrial automation event to facilitate national collaborations and deliberate upon global competition. Catering to these subjects of importance, the 2019 conference played host to over 25 note-worthy exhibits and 50 fascinating technology sessions.

Additionally, at Rockwell Automation’s RAOTM 2019 Annual User Group Conference — in which industry partners and customers are invited to showcase and discuss the latest digital transformation solutions and business opportunities — yet another ambitious feat of Rockwell Automation was announced. As it was observed that rigorously centered efforts are required to fulfill such an impressive target, the company has taken the lead to amplify its partner network in India. This will further allow local manufacturers to access a joint network of companies, which will be roped together with the aim of undertaking collaborative efforts. These efforts will be directed towards developing, implementing and supporting the best-in-class manufacturing solutions across industry verticals.

Partnerships in solution development

As the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, Rockwell Automation has laid its paramount focus on developing smart solutions. With an analogous need for Smart Manufacturing solutions in the Indian industries, previously the company had affirmed partnerships with global developers of vital solutions, such as, L&T, Cisco, Microsoft, Endress+Hauser, and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering.

In his engaging address at RAOTM 2019, Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director, Rockwell Automation India, spoke on venturing in partnerships towards the emergent era of Industry 4.0. He elucidated, “We want to take the lead in building India’s first industry 4.0 ecosystem of partner companies that will create solutions for The Connected Enterprise, which can analyse machine conditions in advance in order to avoid breakdowns and enhance productivity, but also improve on quality and compliance parameters.”

Consequently, John Watts, Regional Marketing Director — Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation, expounded on the need for assimilation of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing segment. “Globally, digital-induced disruption is inevitable.” He further cited, “To maintain and improve global competitiveness, Indian manufacturers need to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0. While India has a lot of catching up to do in this respect, it can accelerate digital transformation by leveraging its strengths in the IT services sector and tapping the entrepreneurial spirit seen in the start-up sector.”

The thematic triad

The exhibits and sessions at the conference also displayed new products and showcased the solutions support by Rockwell Automation and its partner companies. Subsequently, Rockwell Automation also announced that it will host the thought-provoking conferences of RAOTM in the cities of Bangkok, Thailand; Tianjin, China; and Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout the event, the discussions were centered on themes of prominence, which were The Connected Enterprise, Data Analytics and Augmented Reality and Innovation.

The Connected Enterprise focused on the new analytics and digital solutions, that can help transform data into understandable information. This, in turn, would empower users to confidently make more informed decisions in the entirety of the industry – from the plant floor to the enterprise. The Data Analytics and Augmented Reality emphasised Rockwell Automation’s expansion of its portfolio by tapping into its partnership with PTC. This will translate into help delivered to customers in order to increase productivity and plant efficiency, reduce operational risk and provide better system interoperability. Furthermore, the innovation segment paid attention to the availability of pristine technologies to the customers. This would help better comprehend how new technologies will change manufacturing and production, including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, wearables and other disruptive technologies.

Thus, the RAOTM 2019 expounded the remarkable scope for Industry 4.0 in the Indian manufacturing sector, while highlighting the urgency to adapt to newer technology and smart solutions. With its offerings of industrial automation and Artificial Intelligence, the conference also discussed the role of globally driven competition and the requirement for partnering with solution developers to build Indian Industry 4.0 ecosystems.

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