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Vikrant Yadav, Country Manager—India, GreyOrange

Image: GreyOrange

Warehouse Automation “Blockchain technology: A game changer”

Nov 16, 2017

…says Vikrant Yadav, Country Manager—India, GreyOrange, while discussing the latest trends that are transforming supply chains and warehouse systems, in this interaction with Maria Jerin. Excerpts…

Can you brief us on the emerging trends in the supply chain automation segment in India as well as globally?

Technology trends such as AI, machine learning and robotic automation will empower supply chains and warehouses to maintain a competitive advantage. Currently, warehouses cost 25% of the supply chain and constitute 60% of the entire supply chain process. Therefore, it is crucial to automate warehouses for making them more effective and efficient. Warehouses of the future will be dynamic, agile and smarter, powered by AI and machine learning. These technologies will reduce costs by assisting with the process of picking, sorting, selecting items and also aid object recognition via 2D barcode scanning.

In the future, blockchain technology will be a game changer in transforming how supply chains operate, making the systems accurate and transparent. Blockchain technology can validate supply chains, leading to a seamless, centralised and transparent system of recording and tracking of transactions that has not been possible yet.

How is your company leveraging such technologies for the Indian market?

We have always been at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation. More than one third of our workforce is dedicated to breakthroughs in innovation at the company’s state-of-the-art R&D lab in India. Driven by the need for greater efficiency and reliability, AI-powered GreyOrange’s Butlers and Sorters are enabling businesses to cater to massive demands with a much leaner inventory, enhance predictability and scalability for processing orders and streamline the processes of retrieving and sorting items. These solutions are not force fitted into a warehouse but are customised to meet specific business needs.

Choosing the right automation strategy and implementing it in the real-time environment is considered as a major challenge. How is your company addressing such a scenario?

Since every customer presents a specific challenge, our solutions are customised and integrated into their distribution systems to improve throughput and cost efficiency overall.

As we see e-commerce growing manifold, their supply chains have been under pressure to deliver more with less. GreyOrange’s marquee solutions, Butler and Sorter have been deployed at CPG, e-commerce, Omni-channel retail and logistics industries to help them increase efficiency multi-fold and improve last mile delivery and break bulk cargo process. Some of our strategies include our customised solutions for Flipkart and Aramex.

Indian industry largely consists of small and medium players. How is your company making the technology affordable to this SME segment?

Indian SMEs are becoming increasingly tech-driven and automation of warehouse operations offers a low cost solution to these manufacturing units. SME’s business is very dependent on customer demands and only with automation can they cater to changing demand patterns and seasonal peaks to avoid any delays and errors. Our solutions have never been force fitted into a warehouse but democratised and integrated into the customer’s supply chain to meet their specific needs. The capacity of our automation systems are adaptable and modular to meet the growing volumes and size of the businesses.

With optimising the advancements in ML, robotics and AI, SMEs can utilise the available space and improve efficiencies in becoming faster and more accurate and can even give tough competition to the big players.

What are your future plans for the Indian market? How do you see the demand trends?

In India, GreyOrange has been at the forefront of supply chain automation innovation, commanding the largest market share in the space. There are immense opportunities for industrial automation in India. New verticals such as e-commerce, FMCG, retail and pharmaceuticals are gradually adopting robotic systems to move up the value chain. As India is in its pursuit to become one of the preferred manufacturing destinations, current manufacturing practices are already paving the way for innovation in and adoption of smarter systems and robotic automation across sectors.

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