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COOLANTS AND LUBRICANTS Big saving potential for gear technology with liquid tool

Oct 19, 2021

Gear technology can profit from the leverage effect of the optimal cutting and grinding fluid. With increased focus on environmental health, the smoke and mist produced during gear cutting and grinding applications have become one of the main concerns. This case study by Blaser Swisslube Solutions, which stands for lubricant solutions with measurable added value, talks about how with the Blaser solutions, smoke and mist are significantly better controlled. For an Indian customer, the metalworking experts from Blaser Swisslube were able to reduce the cut time by 24%, lower smoke & mist tremendously and achieve overall cost savings per produced component – a result which is promising for the Asian gear hobbing and grinding production.

In terms of new gear hobbing and grinding technologies, Blaser Swisslube offers solutions to its customers and addresses their challenges for improved efficiency, increased tool life and reduced cycle times. These can be accomplished with higher parameters, which cause higher machining temperatures.

“We aim to improve these points in cooperation with our customers,” Punit Gupta, Managing Director – West Asia, Blaser Swisslube says and goes on, “As higher parameters produce more heat in the machine, we have to find the optimal cutting fluids. With our product range of cutting fluids, we want to deliver an added value where higher cutting parameters in combination with lowest risk of smoke formation are achievable. The focus to reduce smoke production is a need in the area of environmental health which the top management needs to focus on.”

Blaser Swisslube has already created optimal conditions to run machining tests in its technology centre at the headquarters in Hasle-Rüegsau, Switzerland years ago. The technology centre is unique in the industry and allows Blaser to test recently developed cutting and grinding fluids of an incredibly diverse range of materials, as well as conduct close-to- reality simulation of production situations. Customers also benefit from those findings.

Holistic approach to reach productivity increase

A customer in the Indian automotive segment (Tier 1 supplier for gears and crank shafts assembly) was looking to improve his gear hobbing production situation. The goal was to reduce the cut time of forged steel components and lower smoke & mist in the facility. “We take a holistic view on the production process before we recommend a cutting fluid solution to the customer,” explains Manoj Verma, Application Manager, Blaser Swisslube, and continues, “I’ve analysed the given parameters at the customer site and realised that there is room for improvement in regards to cutting speed.” The Blaser Sales Engineer, in close collaboration with the customer, switched during a test phase a conventional cutting fluid to a Blaser ester oil-based cutting oil and increased the cutting speed by 20% with convincing results. The cut time was reduced by 24%, the advent of smoke and mist was reduced by 51% and lowered the overall costs per component. Sandeep Bhat, Regional Sales Manager, Blaser Swisslube, conveys, “Our customer is very happy with the achieved results, as he did not expect that a change of the cutting fluid could have such a big impact on productivity. With tremendous reduction in smoke and mist, we have received a big thumbs up from the operators.”

Already reached maximal parameters?

“There is a hidden potential in the machines in gear grinding and gear cutting applications. We have experienced that not every machine is working on its maximal possible parameters yet,” Punit Gupta says. “We would be extremely happy to set up the joint projects with our customers to explore the possibilities and make our customers win,” he closes.

Courtesy: Blaser Swisslube Solutions

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