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AUTOMATION UPDATE 2022 Beckhoff Automation conducts Automation Update 2022 seminars in various cities of India

Oct 11, 2022

Beckhoff Automation conducts Automation Update 2022 seminars in various cities of India that make an impact on the industry with new innovations from Beckhoff

Beckhoff recently conducted Automation Update 2022 seminars across multiple cities in India, starting with Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, and Mumbai.

The objective of the physical events was to showcase and demonstrate in person the latest product updates and technology developments from the company in the past 2 years. Another objective was to meet the customers and reassure them of all the measures being undertaken at Beckhoff Germany and locally to overcome the delivery crisis faced by the industry.

There were 400+ registrations logged in with 300+ attendees across the industry segments, business segments, and sizes in India. The event brought together practicing automation engineers from end users, manufacturers, R&D engineers, machine designers, control system experts, system integrators, and academics.

This was the first offline event since September 2019, and it proved to be the most needed networking event in 2022, providing opportunities for the participants.

Watching the technology product demos were seen as the most interesting by all participants. The most interesting demo was the AI-ML application demo for two machines, one local and one remote. Other interesting demos were about AMI812x integrated servo drives, CX7000-compact PC-based PLC, IoT, precision weighing solutions, etc.

All events began with an opening address by Jitendrakumar Kataria, Managing Director, Beckhoff Automation and were followed by a series of presentations/videos about Industrial PC/Embedded PC product update, IO product update, TwinCAT product update, Motion product updates. This was further followed by XTS-XPlanar product updates and climaxed with MX-System and ATRO presentations.

Questions were put up by attendees on almost every topic and were answered satisfactorily by experts.
Tables with live demonstrations of Beckhoff products were the point of attraction and made the attendees engage with the team, trying to understand how the features demonstrated could benefit them in their business.

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