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Metallic pillow blocks and flange bearings can be easily and quickly replaced by lubrication-free and long-lasting igubal spherical balls

Image: igus

Specials Bearing housing retrofit

Mar 8, 2018

igus offers lubrication-free igubal spherical balls made of high-performance plastic iglidur J to quickly replace metallic pillow blocks and flange bearings

With the new igus spherical balls made of the high-performance plastic iglidur J, customers can now rely on a lubrication-free and maintenance-free solution that can be used in seconds.

Heavy dirt accumulation, dust and chips - such conditions are often an extreme load for pillow blocks and flange bearings. To ensure that metallic bearings do not fail in these scenarios, they must be regularly serviced and lubricated. That is why the motion plastics specialist igus has spherical balls made from the high-performance plastic iglidur J in its product range. The special feature of the material is that the bearing no longer needs to be lubricated and is therefore maintenance-free. The narrow igubal spherical balls come directly from the injection moulding process and can be inserted into existing metallic pillow block and flange bearing housings within a few seconds. Another advantage is that due to the absence of lubricant, dirt and impurities can no longer adhere to the bearings, which further minimises wear. Thus, there is no long downtime of the machines and plant. The long service life of the igubal spherical balls has already been proven in a biomass chipper. Whereas the metal bearings on the conveyor belt of the machine had to be lubricated each month, the retrofitted flange bearings with igubal spherical ball stayed wear-free for more than a year, without lubrication and maintenance.

The spherical balls made of iglidur J are not only cost-effective, but also have a very low coefficient of friction in dry operation. The material absorbs only little moisture, so that the use of the spherical balls is also suitable for outdoor use. Due to the chemical resistance of the high performance plastic, the use of exchangeable spherical balls is also suitable for use in chemically demanding applications such as agricultural technology. iglidur J displays its advantages especially in soft shafts. The igubal spherical balls are currently available in six dimensions for housing number 204-210. On request, igus also manufactures spherical balls made of other iglidur materials. As an alternative to injection moulding, the company offers its customers the option of machining spherical balls from their desired material from the iglidur bar stock product range.

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