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Harinder Mohan Singh

Founder & Director

Voltaredox (Effulgent BR Resources)

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ELECTRIC VEHICLES Battery refurbishment can help companies claim carbon credits under CSR

Oct 14, 2020

Voltaredox, an affiliate of BSI Israel, offers battery life extension and refurbishment for various lead-acid batteries. The company provides end-to-end solution utilising its state-of-the-art AI-based machines for de-sulphation on plates and extending life through internationally patented 100% organic methods. In this interview with Anvita Pillai, Harinder Mohan Singh, Founder & Director, Voltaredox (Effulgent BR Resources), debunks the myths around refurbishment and why it is better than recycling, how they are helping various organisations in their journey towards sustainability, the changes that have incurred due to COVID-19 & more. Excerpts…

At present, there is a boom in innovation of batteries for UPS & solar facilities and battery development companies are investing heavily in Li-ion battery development research. How much of difference would Li-ion batteries make from lead batteries in both the cost and recycling process?

Lead-acid batteries are almost 200 years old and are the cheapest energy storage technology available. Plus, it is one-third the cost of Li-ion batteries. Lead is a metal which can be recycled many times, while for Li-ion batteries, recycling technologies are still not available.

How is your organisation aiming to help sectors using batteries to move more towards sustainability?

Our organisation helps by offering cost reduction support to industries. BSI Israel (Voltaredox) is a pioneer in old batteries refurbishment, and in India, Voltaredox has been successfully doing this since July 2017. Our company has covered Delhi’s NCR automobiles’ main & component two and four-wheeler manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical, solar, railways parts manufacturers, hydro turbine manufacturer, banking, publishing, etc.

Refurbishment and recycling are two very contrast concepts, & there are many myths surrounding the refurbishment of batteries. Could you debunk those myths and help us understand why refurbishing would be a better and safer option than recycling?

Refurbishment doubles the life of batteries at one-third the cost and reduces carbon footprints. This can help companies claim carbon credits under CSR, while on the contrary, recycling creates water & air pollution. Sulphation makes the performance of the batteries poor, while the refurbishment process removes sulphation, and the 100% patented organic additive prevents sulphation, thereby extending the battery life by double.

The pandemic has brought in severe disruptions to businesses. What has changed for your organisation, customer demand wise, due to the pandemic? How do you plan on catering to them?

COVID-19 has bound the entire industry to reduce their internal cost, and like I mentioned, we increase the battery life to a double via refurbishments at one-third the cost compared to new batteries. Because of this, we are getting repeated orders and new orders at an increased 300% rate.

How does Voltaredox plan on strengthening its market presence in India? What strategies are in line for your organisation?

We are getting a very good response from the market, especially after COVID-19. Besides NCR, Delhi, refurbishment productions have already started near Chandigarh and soon, we will start operations in the south of India. BSI Israel’s another refurbishment business branch would be starting its operations in Pune & Hyderabad.

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