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BPS 300i

Specials Barcode positioning system

Apr 1, 2016

Leuze electronic invented the BPS barcode positioning system more than 10 years ago. The second generation of these established devices is now available in the new Leuze electronic product design. The working range of the new BPS 300i devices is unmatched at 50 to 170 mm. They are, thus, extremely tolerant of mechanical fluctuations that can arise in typical applications in intralogistics and in the automotive industry, for example, in high-bay storage devices, telpher lines, gantry cranes or pushing platforms. Even at high traverse rates of up to 10 m/s, the reproducible accuracy is +/-0.15 mm. BPS 300i devices feature an integrated Profinet interface; additional interfaces such as Profibus and SSI will follow. The modularity allows devices to be equipped with various connection technologies, integrated LED display and integrated heating for applications to -35°C. An availability control monitors and reports the performance reserve of the total system. The bars are not simply printed on top, but are instead integrated in the base material through phototypesetting.

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