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AUTOMATION & CONTROL Automation is set to drive productivity in the country now

Mar 4, 2020

… mentions Vikas Garg, Managing Director, Rexel India, in his conversation with Anvita Pillai. Herein, he details on the Make in India initiative, the key growth drivers, increasing the green footprint and more. Excerpts…

The government’s Make in India initiative has been taking every industry by storm. How is Rexel India doing their bit to ensure they align with this agenda of the government?

We are a technical automation distributor. We contribute indirectly to the Make in India initiative by supplying quality products, services and technical solutions to the end-user customers to expand their plants and get to the latest technology for them to increase productivity and quality. Under the Make in India initiative, specific to the process industry, we are helping them conceive all the products and services that are made locally.

Rexel has been providing a broad range of innovative products and services in the field of industrial automation, energy management, supply chain consolidation and electrical supplies. Where do you see the maximum growth coming from? What are the key drivers of growth?

We see growth happening across all our industrial segments, but I feel that the maximum growth would be coming from automation. The reason being, automation is set to drive productivity in the country now, which means, IoT, Industry 4.0 and digitisation are going to help business become productive. For example, manufacturing plants cannot afford to waste a full-day due to a machine breakdown. With automation and digitisation, we are now making the machines smart. One can take control of the machines on the cloud and resolve problems, even from a remote location. As the complexity and competitiveness increases, there is no option other than digitising to ensure one doesn’t lose on productivity. Automation and digitisation are going to be the key drivers of growth, even for us.

Your organisation has been on a drive to create ‘A world of energy’. Can you tell us more about this mission and how you plan on harnessing the same in the Indian industrial space?

We are trying to reduce the energy consumption and increase the green footprint at our company. We have taken certain initiatives, like, there are a lot of projects we are doing to make a shift from conventional lights to LEDs, which saves over 50-60% energy. For this, we have our technical team, who are experts on lighting, go to the customer’s site, do the audit and undertake projects to change from conventional lights to LED. In the process, if customers want, we offer them OPEX mode; wherein, we do the full investment and the customers can pay us back from the savings they make.

To harness the same in industrial spaces, we are working in alignment with industries, especially the tyre industry, because it is heavily dependent on good level of lumens. So, we are focusing on replacing lights comprising sodium vapour/mercury high day light and providing highly efficient LED lights.

Artificial Intelligence and digitalisation have started seeping in the automation space. How do you plan on providing innovative, sustainable solutions that abide by the future technologies?

We’ve created our own business plan for IoT. We are offering our customers a buffet of services and software, with which we are making machines smart. We have brought in modular software solutions that make machines interface with the cloud and help the end-users to integrate their business needs with the process. We help them integrate the plant information with business information, which is needed today to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

How has the progress for your company been in the last financial year? What are your growth plans for the year 2020?

In the last six to seven months, we have seen a lot of news regarding the slowdown in the industry business. Despite this, I am happy to share, we have grown over 30% in the last year alone in all the segments that we cater to. Even for this financial year, we are confident of achieving more than 30-35% growth over the last year. For this, we have drawn our business on five core segments – industrial automation, IoT, LED-fication, solar and transportation and would be focusing on growing in these segments.

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