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AUTOMATION & CONTROL Automation & AI being foremost in the post-COVID world

Nov 19, 2020

In the post-COVID world automation & artificial intelligence are about to become the game changer in almost all industries around the globe

Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, etc have been evolving over the years, but with COVID-19, application of these technologies has been augmented. With the eruption of the coronavirus, businesses have understood the significance of automation more and that of incorporating AI in their organisational structure. Traditional factory floor practices are being reconfigured as manufacturing companies progressively embrace automation and AI throughout the value chains in the wake of COVID-19.

As factories around the globe start up again, there will be tough truths to cope with post COVID-19, from the dearth of migrant labourers in the whole range of the supply chain to the health of humans at work. All this could lead to looking at automation a lot more seriously. Besides this, 3D printers have created PPEs at local levels in the absence of the regular supply chains. Many organisations, like Twitter, have implied working remotely as an option in the near future. Which is why, as AI has been extensively embraced across segments during the pandemic, the idea of it attaining importance in the near future is certain.

It is said that sustainability will be the main element in the post-COVID world, and according to industry experts, AI-enabled Machine Learning will be the way to accomplish sustainability. AI and automated product design across the production chain will not only bring about zero-error outcome but also benefit manufacturers by bringing down costs and surging output. Plus, automation will bring factory shutdowns to a halt and bring about more than five times ROI on the investment.

AI tools examine enormous volumes of data to assimilate underlying patterns, foresee human behaviour and more. Plus, AI-enabled systems also learn constantly. These abilities will be of massive value as companies adapt to the new reality of the present crisis and its outcome. Some companies have already launched AI use cases that will be useful in the existing crisis. Companies should look at the current slowdown as an opening and begin to make their people ready, reskill them and grow their lasting significance in the coming age of AI.

Moreover, the pandemic is making the position for robotics and automation firmer and the mounting necessity for automation will enhance more than just robotics. Reflect on how 4G networks grew with the increasing vogue of smartphones. Robots, IoT devices and 5G will possibly have a relationship akin to that, as many robot use cases will require bigger data transfer rates and reduced latency. While today’s robotics leaders are looking to play their part when it comes to the pandemic, the ones actually looking at the long-term are also creating the basis of a future that’s more automated.

Next-generation process and workflow automation supported by data & Machine Learning are critical to letting businesses proficiently function in an environment that is less par for the course. Artificial Intelligence and automation are going to be the centre on which the future may be made, and the conversion could be quicker than anticipated by most of us.

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