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Devdatta Puntambekar

Founder & CEO


SMART MANUFACTURING AR & VR can cover several business functions

Jan 22, 2019

Devdatta Puntambekar, Founder & CEO, Sattvarise, in this conversation with Juili Eklahare, shares how there are quick upgrades in AR-VR and how the company is excited about design and marketing and where it sees huge value in terms of saving time and costs. Excerpts...

Could you please share with us the idea behind founding Sattvarise? What were the initial challenges?

After I finished my engineering, I worked as a software engineer, where I realised that I should give a shot at being an entrepreneur. So quitting my job, I researched various upcoming technologies. That’s when I was introduced to Augmented Reality (AR) and then Virtual Realiy (VR), which really fascinated me. And that is how Sattvarise was born. In order to run Sattvarise, financial constraints and finding the right people were a challenge.

As a start-up, what kind of tools & technologies are you using for design, prototyping and developing daily?

We work on the latest technologies developed by top companies, such as, Microsoft or Apple. For AR, we ask our customers to go for iPads and iPhones, as those are the best AR platforms in the market for hand-held devices. For hands-free operations, we always go with Microsoft HoloLens. We have been exploring Amazon Sumerian, too, which is an online tool to create AR-VR experiences on multiple platforms.

For VR, we choose from various options like, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Mirage Solo, depending on the use case, budget, or deployment. The idea is to closely understand the clients’ requirement in detail, with multiple stakeholders, in order to provide them with the best solution.

How is the potential of AR/VR in the manufacturing sector?

AR and VR can cover several business functions, from product design to sales and marketing. I would like to give three examples of where we are focusing as a company. The first is design – companies spend a lot of time and resources at the product design stage, as it is a crucial part, which goes with multiple iterations and feedback loops. We observed areas where AR-VR could empower design teams by giving them the flexibility to work in the virtual environment, before moving to the real environment to shorten the go-to-market. The second example is sales and marketing – product experience, customer engagement and customer education are very important aspects to the sales & marketing team. Using AR and VR, these aspects can be covered without physically carrying the product. The third example is training — two major challenges that we address here are training in unsafe environments and training, which is expensive. So, how does one train employees in less time and at a low cost, while ensuring that they grasp knowledge? Combined with gamification, AR-VR play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

What new technologies do you foresee coming up in the future in your business sector? What kind of projects do you hope to see more of?

As all technologies are changing rapidly, we are also seeing quick upgrades in AR-VR. Facebook and HTC are upgrading VR devices, which would have enhanced quality. On the consumer side in AR, we are already seeing some buzz around Snapchat and Facebook for content, and Amazon for e-commerce. Besides, Apple & Google are making AR accessible to masses on smart phones.

When it comes to projects, we see a good interest in training from the industry. Apart from that, we are also excited about design and marketing, where we can add huge value in terms of saving time and costs and enhancing the current experience to a top-notch level.

What vision do you have for Sattvarise? Can you share with us your future plans & expansion programmes?

We have received good validations on use cases from industry people. Plus, we have been getting a good response from international brands as well. So, that is where we will be focusing the most.

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