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M K Narasinga Rao

Managing Director

Magal Engineering Co India

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WELDING & ASSEMBLY All sectors involving sheet metal forming will expand

Jul 19, 2019

…says M K Narasinga Rao, Managing Director, Magal Engineering Co India, in this conversation with Juili Eklahare. He explains why the company is strongly focusing on nitrogen generators, how it plans to have its own experience centre, and the crucial challenges to overcome in order to accelerate the use of sheet metal forming machines. Excerpts…

Can you highlight the technology trends and new applications in the sheet metal forming industry?

When it comes to the sheet metal forming industry, laser welding is really catching up. As for the metal forming line, hot forming and thermo machine are the latest trends. The industry is very quick to adopt these trends; people are seriously venturing into it. Also, the industry is looking to reduce the weight of the vehicle while increasing its strength through hot forming, which is done by heating the metal and then forming it.

Do you think the customer requirements/ preferences have been changing significantly, in response to changes in the market conditions and technology developments? Do you see any challenges to be overcome to accelerate the use of sheet metal forming machines?

Yes, customer requirements and preferences have certainly been changing. However, we find very few people investing in technology, and not many practice what they preach. There could be several reasons for this; for instance, maybe they are expecting the government to bring about a significant change. As for the challenges, one of the pivotal challenges to be overcome to quicken the use of sheet metal forming machines is investments; people find it difficult to get money. However, the rate of exports of the automobile exports part is increasing, which is leading to a positive frame of mind for everybody.

Are you targeting any specific industries or verticals for your products/solutions? Would you like to share any of Magal Engineering’s success stories worth mentioning here?

Our target industry is the automobile industry, the white goods, and yellow goods industry. We are targeting these industries because these are where the growth is and where our machines can be used. I have one example of a company called ARaymond in Pune, which is a German subsidiary and which was into automobile plastics. However, they have now ventured into metal and begun to make metal parts in India, which is a new division of the company. Besides, they were using machines from Switzerland and Europe. So, we, as partners of Ingyu in India, were successful in selling Ingyu machines to the customer and installing it ourselves, which now happen to be running very well.

Your organisation represents many companies from various countries. Which are the fast moving products/solutions among those in India?

One of our products that we are aggressively focusing on is the nitrogen generator. We see everybody using fibre laser in the market today. In order to run a fibre laser, it requires a very high level of efficiency, which calls for extremely pure nitrogen. The purity required to run the fibre laser at the greatest efficiency is 99.999%. There aren’t many places in India where one can get a high quality of nitrogen, whereas the one’s providing that high level can be very expensive, which can be from ₹25 to ₹28 per cubic metre. So, we supply this nitrogen generator to people who can generate their own pure nitrogen in their factories at an affordable cost of ₹8 to ₹9 per cubic metre.

How do you see the growth potential in India? What are Magal Engineering’s short-term and long-term expansion plans in India?

With the new government back, it will definitely have a positive effect on the sheet metal forming industry. All sectors involving sheet metal forming will expand; more metros and airports will be built, the solar industry will grow, and the infrastructure and road industry will flourish. Besides, there will be lots of green field projects.

Our company’s short-term plans for now are to install nitrogen generators whenever and wherever possible this year. As for our long-term plan, we are planning to have our own experience/technology centre – where we show the machine to the customer, demonstrate it for them, show the application and then sell it to them.

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