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Powermax30® AIR

Specials Air plasma cutting systems

Jan 1, 2016

Hypertherm has recently launched Powermax30® AIR, the newest addition to Hypertherm’s Powermax family of air plasma cutting systems. Powermax30® AIR is the portable air plasma system that features an internal compressor and is able to operate on both 120- and 240-volt lines, making it a highly versatile system for on-the-go cutting. Weighing just 13.5 kg, the Powermax30 AIR provides 30 Amps of output and has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any system in its class. Benefits of this system include high portability with the addition of a patent-pending internal air compressor that eliminates the need for an external compressor unit; greater versatility and convenience with a ‘plug-and-use’ model that allows the system to be used anywhere with just an electrical power point, even in remote and non-industrial environments; and cost reduction with the elimination of additional costs associated with the use of an external compressor. Plasma cutting has gained popularity over the years.

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