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AR Suresh, Managing Director, Aventics India

Image: Aventics India

Pneumatic Systems “Adding value through innovative products”

Nov 2, 2017

AR Suresh, Managing Director, Aventics India, in this interview with Suchi Adhikari, discusses the upcoming trends in the next-generation pneumatics sector and focuses on the solutions offered by their company. Excerpts…

How would you define the next-generation pneumatics? Can you trace down the evolution of smart pneumatics in the recent years?

Aventics stands for next-generation pneumatics. The name combines the terms—advantage, invention and pneumatics and describes what we are aiming for, which is, our customers will get added value with our innovative products, system solutions and services. We have positioned ourselves as a smart pneumatics engineering company that is easy to do business with.

The market today demands smart pneumatic solutions, integrated with electronics and this is what we provide to our customers. An example of this is the Smart Pneumatics Monitor, which is the central module for networked pneumatics. It provides reliable and valuable information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems to end users. It sends pre-processed status messages to defined employees and parent IT systems without detouring to the machine controller. This information reduces the risk of machine downtime and lowers operating costs effectively.

Can you brief us on the challenges faced while developing pneumatic solutions? How do you address them?

The current challenge for us is the integration of pneumatics into the Internet of Things, improving energy efficiency and meeting safety demands. Working closely with the customers on various projects has helped us in providing the best solutions that fulfills this requirement.

Intelligent pneumatic systems build bridges to IoT that ensure system availability and lower operating cost. How does your company work on this front?

Our Smart Pneumatics Monitor is a product made for the use of pneumatics in the IoT environment. It allows customers to exchange predictive maintenance information via the internet. To further develop sophisticated solutions, we collaborate closely with OEMs and end-users.

Based on the current market situation, how do you strategise product development to suit the industry demands?

Our product strategy is based on three pillars—long-term portfolio management of standard products, products fulfilling the demands of highly specialised sectors, such as, for life sciences and railway business and customer-specific products for exclusive use by our customers.

Moving ahead, what are your plans for the Indian market? Any expansions in mind?

India is a promising market for pneumatics and with our new-generation engineered products, we are sure to add value to the automation market. Our customising centre in Bengaluru is well established to serve customer demands in India and grow the business continuously. Additionally, with our branches and dealer networks spread across the country, we are confident that we can meet customer demands in the shortest possible time. Further, with a global expertise in a range of sectors including commercial vehicles, food & beverage, railway technology, life sciences, energy and marine technology, we are now well positioned to provide industry-ready solutions in these diverse areas in India.

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