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Beijing Jingdiao Company has collaborated with Renishaw as its business has continued to grow over the years, with the two companies working together.

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Test & Measurement Achieving precision measurement

Dec 21, 2016

The article highlights the product processing technology used for producing high precision machine tools.

To open up new pathways for innovation and to deliver superior quality, Beijing Jingdiao Company has collaborated with Renishaw as its business has continued to grow over the years, with the two companies working together. Based in China, the company specialises in the R&D and manufacturing of high-speed small cutting tool machines. They currently operate several dozen Renishaw laser interferometers, ballbars and rotary axis calibrators, which are used in the development of new products and refinement of manufacturing processes.

Product quality matters

For Jingdiao, product quality is of topmost priority. The company has put this philosophy into practice by procuring advanced measurement and testing equipment and instrumentation, even in the early stages of the company’s development when funds were limited. These equipment include Renishaw’s laser interferometers and ballbars, which are used to assess the precision of machining centres. Using machinery calibration equipment like the XL-80 laser interferometer and QC20-W telescoping ballbar has enabled the company to maintain strict control over its product quality. Moreover, both laser interferometers and ballbars are equipped with a variety of dynamic testing features and fault analysis functions, which provide a wealth of invaluable data for use in new product R&D and the improvement of manufacturing processes for existing products.

Improved product processing

In order to meet the requirements for improved product processing, Jingdiao has integrated Renishaw OMP40 and OMP400 probes as accessories for its machining centre products including its newly-launched machine tool digital control machining centres. This enables automatic update of component coordinate systems and automatic measurement of component dimensions. The company has also exploited the advantages of touch measurement by developing unique contour error compensation functions, which provide on-board compensation for the degree of deviation in component contours, enabling equivalent-depth cutting processing for contours to be processed.

Clamping or processing thin-walled components, such as aluminium alloy parts can easily produce deformation of the component, making it difficult to ensure the precision of dimensions. This is when the OMP40 and OMP400 touch probes come into their own. Prior to processing, probes gather data on the outer contours of components and the results are stored in the machining centre’s variable parameters; the processing cutting tools then follow this path during profiling, thereby, ensuring the precision processing of contours. Curved surface error compensation functions provides on-board compensation for errors in curved surfaces, enabling the engraving of designs and reliefs on curved surfaces that follow surface errors.

Precision measurement

CNC precision engravers are extremely demanding in terms of the precision of processing product dimensions for glass grinding. The number of broken edges during the CNC mould making process has a direct impact on the product’s throughput yield. Jingdiao selected Renishaw’s OMP400 high precision measurement probes and their NC4 non-contact laser tool setting system for these applications, which involve strict dimensional precision requirements and high batch production yield rates.

Processing of chamfering on deformed wheel hubs

The OMP400 offers the benefits of high-precision threecoordinate measurement; it has a measurement repeatability of up to 0.25 microns and can achieve a level of measurement precision in machining centre environments that compares favourably with CMM units. Using the OMP400 solves problems with batch production, such as product positioning and product deformation, ensuring that products meet the highest precision requirements. The NC4 non-contact laser tool setting system utilises laser beams to measure the dimensions of grinding wheels, while the measurement data is able to automatically update cutting tool parameters. This system can be used to monitor grinding wheel wear and make instant repairs, not only saving time on grinding wheel measurement, but also guaranteeing high levels of measurement precision. This constant improvement of product performance and continual innovation enables Jingdiao to meet users’ individual requirements. ☐Courtesy: Renishaw

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