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"The introduction of Simcenter 3D combines several solutions to cover a wide range of simulation disciplines and industry applications," says S Ravi Shankar, Director—Simulation Product Marketing, Simulation & Test Business Segment, Siemens PLM Software

Image: Siemens PLM Software

Interview “Accurately predicting product performance”

Sep 1, 2016

…says S Ravi Shankar, Director—Simulation Product Marketing, Simulation & Test Business Segment, Siemens PLM Software, in this interaction with Suchi Adhikari. He explains how the Simcenter portfolio contributes to the predictive engineering analytics vision. Excerpts…

What are the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector today and how can the simulation software help in meeting these challenges?

Today, products involve complex product development environments. Engineering departments must develop smart products that integrate various aspects. This requires current engineering practices to evolve into a more predictive role to support digitalisation and systems-driven product development. Simcenter™ is a simulation and testing solution designed by Siemens to address these challenges.

Can you explain where the Simcenter portfolio can be implemented in the product development stages?

Simcenter portfolio is a robust suite of simulation software and test solution that helps companies address the modern engineering challenges. It combines simulation and physical testing with intelligent reporting and data analytics to help produce digital twins that more accurately predict product performance throughout all stages of the product development process. The Simcenter portfolio includes 1D simulation solutions that may be used in the early stages of engineering programs, 3D simulation solutions that are used to refine concepts, and testing solutions that augment the simulation capabilities and enable verification of designs.

What are the recent developments in simulation and testing segment? Can you explain how Siemens is contributing to the predictive engineering analytics vision?

Through its Simcenter portfolio and predictive engineering analytics vision, we are proactively addressing modern engineering challenges by utilising its strong collection of existing technology combined with its acquisition of LMS and, more recently, CD-adapco. The introduction of Simcenter 3D combines several solutions to cover a wide range of simulation disciplines and industry applications. As a result of these investments, we are able to continue helping our customers.

Which industry segment is the major potential market for simulation software?

Simulation technology has matured now to the extent that almost all industries can benefit from applying simulation technologies. Heavy usage of simulation is seen in aerospace, automotive, machinery, electronics, marine, energy, and medical industries. Our Simcenter portfolio addresses the simulation needs in all these industries and does so across multiple types of physics including structural, dynamics, thermal, flow, motion, acoustics, and others as well as multiphysics applications.

Will Simcenter leverage IIoT? How will this impact product performance?

Our vision is that within Simcenter, the applications will also leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through the integration of sensor-based data with high-fidelity, physics-based simulations, allowing manufacturers to build and maintain digital twins of their products and to keep them in-sync with the physical product in use. This is of crucial importance in making more useful and realistic predictions of product performance that will enable these products to adapt to changing usage conditions, extend their useful life, and accommodate product degradation.

Can you brief us on your company’s future plans for the Indian market in short and long term?

India is a significant source of innovation for us, with global product development and delivery teams located here. Our team in India works with large enterprises and major R&D organisations, as well as small to mid-sized manufacturers providing solutions to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The growth engine of India is the mid-size engineering manufacturers who have a need to innovate and compete globally. To achieve this, they require confidence in their day-to-day engineering decisions. Thus, Simcenter can help Indian manufacturers of all sizes to acquire the required level of confidence and transform for excellence.

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