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FLAMEPROOF LOW VOLTAGE MOTORS ABB launches flameproof low voltage motors for explosive atmospheres

Feb 23, 2022

ABB’s new range of low voltage flameproof motors is designed for safe use in applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Made in India motors are available in IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes and offered in small to mid (80- 250) frame size with output ranging from 0.18 – 55kW. The motors are rated for ambient temperature between –20 °C and +45 °C and are PESO certified. The digitally enabled motors offer the option for a remote condition monitoring feature that can help in detecting potential asset disturbances and plan advance maintenance.

ABB India recently unveiled its new range of flameproof (FLP) motors that are safe choice for applications in potentially explosive environments. Manufactured at the company’s Faridabad facility, these low voltage motors offer considerable benefits including low vibration levels with increased reliability for an extended lifetime and reduced maintenance requirements for a lower cost of ownership.

The flameproof motors can operate reliably, withstanding extreme temperatures, corrosive dust and humidity. They comply with Indian and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and the most demanding requirements of the chemical, oil & gas and pharma industries. The motors have also been certified by the Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), a nodal agency for regulating the safety of hazardous substances, such as explosives, compressed gases and petroleum.

Designed for enhanced safety, reliability and energy efficiency

Speaking at the launch, Sanjeev Arora, President, ABB Motion India, cited, “With this launch, we have set a new benchmark for safety and energy efficiency in the flameproof market segment. Our locally manufactured motors are designed with improved safety features and ensure a more energy-efficient operation for customers in India.”

ABB’s low voltage flameproof motors have an advanced surface treatment that resists even extreme environmental conditions. The motors have a strong frame with integrated feet for rigidity and to ensure vibration-free operation with foot-mounted applications. The machined surfaces which form the flame path are more stringent than required standards & are thoroughly inspected and protected against even the slightest damage, ensuring a safe and reliable enclosure. There are also cast shrouds on the bolts that provide additional mechanical safety and protection.

In explosive atmospheres, it is crucial to ensure the safe use of electrical apparatus. The new FLP motors can withstand the pressure caused by an internal explosion without incurring any damage. They prevent flame propagation outside of the enclosure and are certified for gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC. Designed in line with FLP motors manufactured at ABB’s global factories, the new range of motors in India is offered to customers under high efficiency (IE2) and premium efficiency (IE3) classes.

Digital monitoring for advanced maintenance

ABB offers a unique digital advantage in flameproof motors to make operations efficient, predictable and safe. Customers have the option to activate the remote condition monitoring feature in their flameproof motors, with the help of ABB Ability™ smart sensors. The motors can be factory fitted with the sensors as an option. This feature provides meaningful information on motor condition and performance, enabling customers to put intelligence into their maintenance. They can plan maintenance according to actual needs rather than on the basis of time intervals or operating hours alone. This cuts maintenance costs and reduces or even eliminates unplanned stops.

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