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It is becoming a global requirement for all manufacturing organisations to contribute towards a greener planet

Image: Blaser Swisslube

Coolants & Lubricants A step towards a greener planet

Nov 2, 2017

With an increasing demand for greener products globally, manufacturers are gearing up to cater to these market needs. The article highlights the unique Blasocut bio-concept in the cutting fluids which is free of bactericides.

We have been observing the developments in the Indian manufacturing sector, which has been undergoing significant changes in accepting and demanding newer technologies much faster than a decade ago. Competitiveness in manufacturing is an ongoing discussion in almost all the companies and various forums. It is good to see the build-up of serious efforts on this topic and emergence of a holistic view on productivity in manufacturing, which drives the competitiveness.

The easy and common approach is to push the manufacturing units to cut down on direct costs incurred in buying or spending on the machinery, equipment and other peripherals used and required to manufacture various components, which are necessary to produce original equipment.

Environmental-friendly coolants

Moreover, it is becoming a global requirement for all manufacturing organisations to contribute towards a greener planet. These initiatives are either due to global regulations or self-consciousness towards the environment. Blaser Swisslube has designed Blasocut, featuring a bio-concept, which works in harmony with nature. It is a cutting fluid which is free of bactericides. It’s actually finely dispersed oil-in-water emulsions, thanks to modern technology. It allows the colonisation by specific, waterborne bacteria (termed ‘primary bacteria’) that push back all other bacteria by consuming the available nutrition, which limits their own growth as well. The benefit is long-term emulsion stability and one of the safest formulations to use across the world for customers.

Water-miscible Blasocut emulsions stay biologically inherently stable, without the need for bactericides – a concept Blaser Swisslube introduced 40 years ago. Bio-concept products are designed through their constituents to become naturally populated by a significant number of these harmless, environmental bacteria, as they contain no bactericides.

The way it works

It is thought that primary bacteria immediately consume foreign organic substances that are present in or introduced into the coolant, effectively preventing the establishment of other bacterial species. The benefit is that they restrict the growth of all other micro-organisms under normal operating conditions.

Benefits for end users

The emulsions based on this bio-concept gives the benefit of optimal process reliability, long life cycles and makes it as one of the mildest & safest formulations in the world for users. Additionally, there are no storage and dosing complications. Uncontrolled growth of bacteria in conventionally formulated metalworking fluid emulsions may cause problems. Such bacteria may decompose emulsion ingredients, reduce the pH value and cause bad odours. This is the main reason why bactericides are commonly added to metalworking fluids.

Bio-Concept with rainwater, demineralised or softened water

Bio-Concept works everywhere. Water of good microbiological quality has a positive impact on emulsion stability. Water with a high microbiological contamination may lead to an imbalance in the emulsion. However, this occurs rarely. This Bio-Concept is robust. It is important to note that the primary bacteria are not delivered with the metalworking fluid concentrate.

After the life of coolant is over, it is disposed-off as per the prescribed norms by pollution control board. Disposing off coolants is one of the areas, which raise eyebrows especially in this day and age when health and environment become challenging topics. This is where Blasocut comes in to support long emulsion life & users get the benefit.

A new dimension in machining

Metal working fluids (coolants) are often neglected when people discuss the aspect of productivity in machining and overall profitability. In fact, this is a new dimension in machining. It is possible to exploit this new dimension and execute and implement it successfully. It needs a very transparent approach on total manufacturing costs to deliver a documented and measurable added value. In this context, the new dimension of productivity with Blaser Swisslube’s global Liquid Tool positively approaches customers in the machining industry.

Leveraging effect

It is fascinating to see the large positive impact, which can be brought by little investment in this area of metalworking fluids. Blaser Swisslube has been able to demonstrate this dimension very well. In many closely held studies, customers have been able to achieve productivity improvements in the range of 8-15 per cent through Liquid Tool. In terms of tool cost, the effect can be approximately 20-40 per cent reduction.

Time is the biggest currency and we need to take a holistic view on overall values, which can be generated from the Liquid Tool to get the best out of machines and tools. Liquid Tool is built on expertise & experience in metal working processes of the company including its people, technology driven formulations and customised services. It is possible to gain much larger benefits by having a strong trust on this approach. Secure process reliability and one of the safest formulations to use for human health and environment in the world are values to our customers to extract further higher output from their machines and tools.

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  • Water-miscible metalworking fluids based on Bio-concept have been Blaser Swisslube‘s strength for over 40 years

    Image: Blaser Swisslube

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