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2018 Taipei Intelligent Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show (iMTduo) was held in Taipei, on May 9-12

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Metal Cutting A step ahead in Smart Manufacturing

Jun 26, 2018

One of Taiwan manufacturing sector’s objectives is to become the Silicon Valley of Asia, with its geographical location in South East Asia and the worldwide business partnerships that it has formed and developed till today. Taking this into account, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) had recently planned the Taipei Intelligent Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show, along with a four-day factory visit, which gave a deeper insight into what the Taiwanese machine and manufacturing technology is like. Besides, the tour gave us a peep into TIMTOS 2019. EM reports…

Taiwan’s machine tool industry supply chain, from R&D design to component manufacturing, develops a whole system, giving the industry a lead over competition. The country uses its industry-academic association to the fullest, thus guaranteeing continuous technical elevations and revolution towards a more intellectual, rapid development that appeals to customers all over the world. Keeping this in mind, The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) had recently invited EM for a four-day factory tour, providing an exposure to their topmost machine tool manufacturers, by visiting their plants and showcasing their new products, technology and manufacturing practices.

Upon asking their plans for expansion in India, a majority of the companies visited told EM that India remains a very high potential market for Taiwanese products, although their presence in India is still not very strong vis-à-vis the growing demand in India. They are looking to expand their presence in India by increasing the number of agents/distributors and in some cases opening of new offices and service activities in India.


Our first day involved a visit to Multiplas, a leading industrial solutions provider that deals with versatile moulding solutions, innovative design and manufacturing for production systems. Besides, the company provides comprehensive technical support services to customers committed to 3C teletronics, electrical, automotive, medical/optical and other technical moulding centres.

Multiplas offers an injection moulding machine that requires less floor space, more mobility and processes easily, both online and offline. With a network of production and sales/service facilities in both Taiwan and China, the company helps customers become competitive worldwide.

Speaking about the company’s values, David Wu, General Manager, Multiplas, said “Under our company’s policy which focuses on trustworthiness, dependability, reliability and with years of efforts, Multiplas has become an international celebrated brand name in the plastic processing industry. It has gone on to become a leading industrial solutions provider that offers versatile moulding solutions and innovative manufacture for the production systems.”

Techman Robot

Techman Robot comes with the vision to bring people to work in man-machine collaboration on the production line, and hence, increase production efficiency. While the world is bracing up for Industry 4.0, Techman Robot gives importance to upgrading automation development, in the hopes that collaborative robots will become a good tool in this new age.

Techman’s TM5 Robot features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications. It is also serious about safety in every aspect of the design of the whole robot system, through hardware, software and operational design. Furthermore, it is designed to be harmless, with their soft end caps and no sharp edges.

Highlighting on man-machine collaboration, Scott Huang, COO, Techman Robot, asserted, “Our vision is to apply technology to enhance human life, which implies to the definition of the collaborative robot – people working in man-machine collaboration on the production line, away from the messy and stressful work environment of the 3K industry.”

SEYI Machinery Industry

Our second day started with a company that has been a part of the metal forming industry for the past 50 years – SEYI. This company, which has earned the leading position with press products from 25 tons to 4000 tons, does not just provide press products, but also the ‘Total Solution’ service, including peripherals, such as, feeding machine, transporting device and auxiliary equipment to maximise customers’ revenue. Future growth areas for the company include the automotive, aviation machinery and medical equipment industries.

Some of SEYI’s specialised products include a Straight Side cranko servo press and a straight side eccentric gear servo press, which happen to be suitable for high tensile strength steel product. They also come with a powerful direct drive transmission with flexible and easy-to-use operating system. Furthermore, they are environment-friendly and help save energy.

Elaborating on their core values, Dr Hsu Kuei-Chang of SEYI said, “The four core values in SEYI include integrity, accountability, service and innovation. It all comes down to continuous learning and actively improving.”

Cosen Mechatronics

Up next, we paid a visit to Cosen, one of the world’s leading band saw manufacturers. It offers 140 models including vertical, horizontal, miter-cutting, NC & CNC, automatic and customised band saws. It has sundry cutting materials made from steel and titanium to chromium and silicon. The diverse cutting abilities of machines serve numerous industries, such as, construction, automobile, transportation and more. Alice Wu, CEO, Cosen Mechatronics, averred, “Cosen’s values involve striving for excellence and being faithful in integrity, which has been the case for the past four decades. Likewise, we intend to continue to be the pillars of our company for many years to come.”

Leadermac Machinery

We headed next to Leadermac Machinery, a well-known woodworking machinery manufacturer specialised in four-side moulders. The product line begins from the classic series up to the most advanced machines, answering the most growing demand for more accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

The company provides unjointed moulders with smartmac series, where each spindle is driven by an individual motor except the side heads, which share one motor. They come with hard chrome plated tables and full cardan shaft drive with feed speeds up to 80 FPM. They also have easy head adjustment by mechanical digital readouts.

Leadermac Machinery also offers the highest speed jointed moulders with super thundermac series. They come with hydroloc outboards on all horizontals and full-width bottom driven bedrolls. It also includes PC dual digital position readouts at each head position for fast setup.

FFG Group

On the third day, we found ourselves experiencing the world’s largest machining centre and manufacturing group and the largest machine tool group in greater China – FFG Group. FFG is the world’s third largest machine tools group and the number one manufacturer of VMC in the world. Additionally, it became one of the top 20 manufacturers of CNC machine tools in the world since 2009.

Some of FFG’s high-end products include crankshaft machining, double spindle vertical lathes, hobbing machines, manufacturing systems and transfer concepts for volume production, etc. Others comprise of 5-axis vertical machining centres, overhead gantry type milling centres, moving column milling centres, external grinding machines for railway axles, flexible rotary transfer machines, rotary machining centres, 5-axis high-speed horizontal profiler, double column multi centres and more.

Throwing light on the organisation’s principles, Jimmy C Y Chu, Chairman, FFG, said, “FFG was established with the founding principles of reliability and growth, and has always focused on continuous advancement, best in quality, and striving for excellence.”


On the fourth day, we visited Syntec. This company specialises in PC-based CNC controllers, which are conducted through excellent research and development. It has long contributed in the machine tool industry and has been innovative in both, hardware and software. One of Syntec’s most unique services is its easy-to-use robots controller with simple HMI, intuitive operation, user-friendly instructions and packaged functions for pick-and-place. It allows one to create custom pages, HMI and functions by development tools. Users can move and teach robots with a well-functioned handheld teaching box, making it much easier and faster to teach a robot. Moreover, the robots controller provides economical choices for motor wrap programs.

Femco Group

What followed next was a visit to FATEK (Factory Automation Technology), a subsidiary of the Femco Group. FATEK designs, produces, sells and distributes a full line of CNC machine tools. The high-end equipment developed by Femco Group include automatic storage system, order selecting system, operation site storage retrieval system, and high speed cyclic storage system. The products made by Femco are applied to all kinds of markets and industries.

Explaining how Femco has grown, Raymond Lin, Senior Manager, Femco, said, “From our humble beginnings as a bicycle rim shop, we've expanded to become an internationally-oriented company. Our mission is to provide high quality products and services through our international network of distributors and regional offices.”


The next company that we visited was Chmer, which, through its in-house R&D department, has developed highly reliable and user-friendly CNC controller and state-of-the-art EDM power supplies. It manufactures high-performance and high-quality EDM machines to meet the stringent requirements of customers. The products include Wire Cut EDM, Die Sinker EDM, Super Drilling EDM and High Speed Drilling Machine, which are widely used in the aerospace, transportation, medical, electronics industries.

Remarking on their role in the progress of the EDM industry, Brad Wang, Marketing Director, Chmer, cited, “Chmer EDM has been based on the concepts of integrity, growth, customer satisfaction, and employee security. We have always committed ourselves to advancing the technology and quality of the EDM industry in Taiwan and worldwide.”

Anderson Group

On our last day, we visited Anderson Group. Anderson CNC routers and machining centres build machines to exacting standards as governed by ISO9001 and TUV. Their CNC Router division is arranged in several product groups. The product application includes automobile, woodworking, aerospace, railway and other industries.

Some of Anderson Group’s most expert products include the tool calibration device, a touch-off device that allows the cutting tools to be calibrated accurately, simply and safely. Some of its other devices consist of handheld device, which allows the operator to jog the machine, perform system tests and run CNC programs from a remote computer system.

Taking pride in their core team, Shawn F C Teng, Manager, CNC Machinery – Factory Sales & Service, Anderson Industrial Corp, informed, “At the centre of the group lies a team of experienced, dynamic and ambitious directors. Moreover, we take pride in the relationships we build with our partners.”

Taiwan Takisawa

Our last company to visit was Taiwan Takisawa, which specialises in manufacturing precision machine tools and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) drillers for domestic and international market. Its major customers for CNC lathes are the bicycle, motorcycle and automobile industries, as well as parts processing plants supplying the aeronautic industry.

Richard Su, Section Manager, Overseas Business Department, Taiwan Takisawa, said, “Our vision is to manufacture products that meet our customers’ satisfaction. We aim to achieve professionalism, which means self-growth, mutual respect, and broad-mindedness.”

iMTduo 2018

2018 Taipei Intelligent Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show (iMTduo) was held in Taipei, on May 9-12. Being Asia’s leading professional trade show, the exhibition saw 238 exhibitors, using 1,000 booths. It joined every facet of future tech, with exhibits of smart machinery, 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM), industrial robots, automated control systems and equipment, IoT, and cyber-physical system (CPS).

Moreover, iMTduo 2018 held the first Summit, which is focused on AM, smart factory, industrial robots and IoT, which assisted participants in exploring market trends.

Looking ahead

Keeping in mind the diverse Taiwan machine tool industry, many exhibitions are being held to showcase their latest technologies globally. An upcoming exhibition is the 2019 Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS), which will take place on March 5-10 next year and will be marking its 27th anniversary. Organised by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TIMTOS is one of the largest professional machine tool trade shows in Taiwan.

This exhibition will continue its previous theme of “Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing”. Visitors will get an insight into umpteen complete-line and whole-plant solutions that combine machine tools, sensors, industrial robots, cloud data analysis and remote monitoring technologies. These are all aimed to move from a single machine towards the concept of Industry 4.0.

Designed from the perspective of the customer, these total solutions will provide clients with immediate prevention and diagnosis to reduce wear and tear, achieve lean production, improve efficiency and productivity, respond quickly to customer needs and assist customers in smart production.

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  • Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) 2018 pre-press conference

  • 2018 Taipei Intelligent Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show (iMTduo) was held in Taipei, on May 9-12

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