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Carlos Gazio, Managing Director—South-East Asia, GF Machining

Machine tools “A promising growth in the aerospace sector”

Feb 28, 2017

..says Carlos Gazio, Managing Director—South-East Asia, GF Machining. In an interaction with Megha Roy, he briefs about the latest acquisition from GF Machining, while highlighting the company’s focus on milling operations for the Indian market. Excerpts…

Can you highlight the new products and technologies launched during IMTEX 2017?

We have introduced the MILL P 900 vertical and 3-axis milling machines that deliver a higher range of quality, productivity and efficiency, especially for the die & mould manufacturers and precise part producers. The Mikron MILL P 900 is especially beneficial in the growing die & mould market segments, such as automotive, home appliances, information and communications technology (ICT) and consumer goods in the production of light to heavy die & mould applications. It also has superior automation and chip management for better productivity levels.

Brief us on the major trends in your industry sector in the upcoming years, in terms of technology development, market requirements, product lifecycle, collaborative manufacturing, etc.

We have been witnessing a constant growth in the aerospace sector. The industry is stable and demands a high productivity and reliability rate. In fact, keeping in mind the rapid pace in this sector, we expect a double growth rate in the coming 10 years. In addition, we have a strong base for the die & mould market as well as medical appliances.

More so in the medical industry, there has been a trend towards generating nano and micro machines. This allows space for more precision and accurate machinery and machine parts. Apart from this, there is also a growing rise in the wire cut and milling operations. As far as the Indian market is concerned, we are more focussed to our company’s milling operations.

How has your company coped with the rapid pace of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector?

Today, the manufacturing industry is entering the era of digitalisation swiftly. In fact, smart machines have become an enabler to choose the right strategy at the right time with the right people. This entire concept has helped the industry to find good operators and avoid errors during the machining and production process. Also, automation is applied for handling of data and, thereby, provides a data management solution. Under the rConnect solution from GF Machining, this machine tool diagnostic solution provides modular digital services to improve machine availability, increase flexibility and provide communication between machines and robots.

In the manufacturing industry, it has become a prime concern today to find the right manpower at work. As such, smart machines make the task of training employees easy and in addition provide modular solutions for handling data at various ends.

Can you brief us on your company’s latest technical collaboration and acquisitions?

GF Machining has recently acquired Microlution Inc, a Chicago-based developer of micro-machining solutions incorporating milling and laser technologies. This acquisition complements our business strategy to enlarge the advanced technology so as to cater to the needs of manufacturers, in segments like aerospace and medical. One of the dominant trend witnessed here is micro-machining.

How do you plan to expand your company’s market presence in the Indian market? What are your company’s future plans for the Indian market?

As far as our company is concerned, the success we achieve in the south-east Asian market largely depends on India. In terms of verticals, we have quite established ourselves in the EDM market. This has become a challenge for us and now we are more focussed on milling operations for the Indian market.

We consider India as one of the top markets in the global industry today and foresee a major growth potential in the Indian market. ☐

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