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Smart Manufacturing “A phenomenal amount of design activity in India”

Nov 5, 2015

…says Somshubhro Pal Choudhury, Managing Director, Analog Devices India, in this interaction with Megha Roy. He informs that the company’s design centres in India are doing significant amount of innovations and using latest generations of products in India. Excerpts…

Can you highlight on the emerging demand trends and technology developments witnessed in process control & industrial automation?

In process control and industrial automation, the emergence of Industry 4.0, connected factories, shop floor to top floor are making factories more connected & intelligent. In India, industrial automation is at its infancy, but we have a chance to leapfrog with new factories being set up with ‘Make in India’ initiatives.

What is most promising about DSP technology, according to you? What do you think about DSP’s future advances in emerging applications?

The most promising aspect of the technology is that we are able to provide a roadmap that addresses needs in a balanced manner. We also continue to augment our programmable cores with focused accelerators that are easy to program and use. The common thread is that our DSP hardware and software technology allows us to innovate at the system level and make digital signal processing even more integrated into the signal chain. Some specific examples include larger integrated memory, more signal chain integration, continued move to higher level programming languages, and standardising on micro controllers for the control plane. The broad range of applications we serve and the wide availability of our products and tools often give us an early window into emerging applications. Some examples include energy-related applications and vision-based systems. We continue to see DSP adoption in emerging applications.

Brief us on the core competencies of your Indian design centre? Does it collaborate with the design centres in other countries?

The India design centre is involved in some of the most challenging designs today, including complex Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs), high performance DSPs, analog/mixed signal ICs, and embedded software that powers these semiconductor chips. The team at IPDC has developed multi-generation of industry leading SHARC® processors and Blackfin® products, signal processing ASICs for inertial MEMS, radio transceiver design, advanced analog and mixed signal products. Engineers at IPDC are involved in all stages of product development from concept to silicon to production and supporting customers worldwide.

What do you think about the potential and opportunity for your business in India to drive the global market? What are your expansion plans?

As semiconductor companies are challenged to do more software and systems, we will continue to expand our engineering talent base in India. On the Indian business front, in the last 3-5 years, we are seeing a phenomenal amount of design activity in India mainly by the design centres of multi- national companies and design houses. Most of them have matured over the years; the expertise on software has also now evolved to take on complete system designs while at the same time, the importance of software, cloud and data analytics has increased significantly in system design. We are also seeing a phenomenal growth in startups and we are engaging with them on a priority basis. New initiatives of ‘Make in India’, ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Digital India’ are bringing new opportunities to us. More and more of our most important projects on Internet of Things (IoT) are also being done in India.

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