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Roman Rosswag

Managing Director

Balluff Automation India

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SAFETY & INTEGRATION A pacemaker in the context of Industry 4.0

Sep 4, 2019

… says Roman Rosswag, Managing Director, Balluff Automation India, in this interaction with Anvita Pillai, on occasion of the inauguration of the new Balluff Automation India centre in Pune. He confers on how the new centre will aid market development, their role in the ‘Make in India’ movement and more. Excerpts…

Balluff has been in the Indian market for almost 30 years. Now having its own base in India, how do you think it will strengthen the company’s position further in the Indian market?

To have an own subsidiary is always beneficial to look at the market development, as well as to execute the company’s global strategies considering the local needs. India is one of the key markets for Balluff in the Asia Pacific region. With the start-up of Balluff Automation, India, we are now able to provide services to the Indian and foreign invested enterprises. This means we have direct and close contact with our customers and can understand their needs in the best possible way. Pune was the perfect location to dive into the fast-developing technological sector. With further representative offices and an own supply chain centre in Mumbai we can demonstrate a strong commitment to the Indian market.

We came across the news of Balluff India planning to be a part of ‘Make in India’ movement. How does Balluff plan to move ahead in this direction?

Balluff aims to be a partner in the ‘Make in India’ movement and bring added value to local manufacturing capabilities. We want to support companies that invest in Indian production facilities with a strong global approach. Till now, we didn’t have our own production facilities in India. With the establishment of the Technical Knowledge Centre in Pune we are focusing on application and solution support, as well as strong after-sales service to add value to the Indian manufacturing market.

Can you brief us on the IO-Link introduced by Balluff India? How does it benefit the Indian market?

Balluff understands itself as pacemaker in the context of Industry 4.0 and provider of machine data to be able to set up intelligent and integrated systems. IO-Link is a key communication therefore, and Balluff was one of the first companies introducing this to the market in a larger scale. IO-Link itself is a point-to-point bidirectional intelligent communication to have process data available or to set parameters on the fly. Users benefit with increased efficiency, machine uptimes, extended decentralised parametrisation and much more, for example, produce in smaller lot sizes while keeping the same level of efficiency. We, therefore, provide all kinds of different sensors and solutions, like inductive sensors, power supplies, RFID and even high-tech vision systems.

Which are the industry sectors under focus for Balluff? What would be the growth drivers going further for your company?

Our global focus industries are mobility, machine plant engineering, packaging, food & beverage. While extending our core business in India looking on the local automotive market, we are now gaining market share in the packaging, food & beverage market. India, with a population of 1.4 billion people, shows an increasing demand for automated machines in this sector. Moreover, we’re focusing on the steel market. Since decades, we have been developing special high-temperature and robust portfolios to place our products in the rough steel plants. India, as the world’s second largest steel producer, represents a big potential.

What kind of potential do you see for your products/ technologies in the Indian industry? Can you highlight your short-term and long-term plans?

We do see a strong growth in the fields of machine vision, RFID, safety and connectivity products. These technologies are not just hardware components but require a complete understanding of the situation and environment on customer site. For that, we are geared up to provide an intensive on-site consultation. Our Technical Knowledge Centre will support our customers to implement new technologies in a very fast way. To meet mid and long-term special requirements of the food and beverage processing industry we will have an increasing amount of washdown, hygiene and eco-lab products in the future.

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