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Improving Mature Vacuum Technologies: Rotary Vane pump Sogevac SV470 B/570 B and TwinFilter 500.

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Best Products Rotary Vane Pump Sogevac SV470 B / 570 B and TwinFilter 500


In the 19. episode of our showcase "best products" we feature the Rotary Vane Pump. It is exemplary of Oerlikon Leybold`s philosophy of prompting innovation in fields that many see as an area for merely milking cashcows.

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For products whose operating principles have been known for decades, many manufacturers satisfy themselves by doing the bare minimum of improvements required e.g. by new directives or standards, and consider these products as mere cash-cows. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum follows a different approach and does much more. We constantly develop new products & accessories and improve existing products with always one goal: providing better products to our customers.

Another milestone was set with the new rotary vane vacuum pump Sogevac SV470 B / 570 B, which is the “small sister” of the best-in-class bigger pump, the Sogevac SV630 B / 750 B. These pumps are renowned for providing the best performance / price ratio and excel with their superior reliability in most severe industrial applications. Clever technical solutions have allowed the pumps to reach a superior pumping speed while still being quieter than any similar rotary vane pump on the market. Furthermore, the Sogevac pumps can be serviced in half the time required by the competition due to the use of a different approach to drive the pump. All this ensures better up-time and performance.

Of course, the Sogevac SV470 B / 570 B exists with a variety of motors and cooling methods (e.g. air or water) and the simple plug and play design allows easy retrofitting of a large selection of accessories. As a majority of such pumps are operated with boosters or blowers, a direct coupling of such blowers is of course possible, typically as a direct coupling. This eliminates a cumbersome and expensive mounting frame while guaranteeing the required mechanical stability.

In many industrial processes, the presence of particles, dust, soot, polymerisable vapours is unavoidable requiring a suitable inlet protection on the rotary vane pump. In Roots blower/Sogevac pump system combinations it is rare to install a filter in between the two pumps due to cost and size considerations. To solve this issue, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum developed the patented TwinFilter 500 which combines the protection of the rotary vane pump and the direct coupling of a blower, thus leading to cost effective and compact systems. Again, the end-user benefits from higher up-time as the pump is protected against particles and the initial costs are lower as a mounting frame can be avoided.

Sogevac pumps are oil sealed rotary vane pumps. Oil injected into the pump chamber for sealing, lubrication and cooling of the pump is recycled from the pump’s oil reservoir and filtered, if required, before it is reinjected. The lubricant system is rated for continuous operation at high intake pressures so that the pumps may be used in a versatile manner in most rough vacuum applications.

Product details

  • Shorter cycle times

  • Higher up-time

  • Lower noise level

  • More compact pumping systems dimensions

  • Easier and quicker Service

  • Best quality

  • High flexibility

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